EDITORIAL: Some local leaders need to be taken to task

Some people are definitely sleeping on the job and are better doing something else than pretending to work for those they lead.

Two very disturbing videos on social media call for stiffer actions, not only against the subjects involved, but the people tasked with implementing government policies.


The first video is of a pure breakdown of law and order in a Kigali neighbourhood between Gatenga and Gikondo which are supposed to be under lockdown. It is way past curfew times but people are moving with no worries drinking in the streets and keeping the bars busy.


Rwanda Television reporter interviewed quite a number of visibly drunk residents and it was clear they had no leadership. But again, where was the police? We are used to seeing tweets of successful after-hours operations, have they paid a visit to Gashyekero?


Maybe it is not a question one should ask the police because local leaders are the ones to inform the police when law-and-order breaks down. Is the Mayor or other subordinates aware? If they are not, it is very serious, if they are, it is even more serious.

Another video is of a young housemaid with terrible whip marks as a result of silent torture she has been undergoing by her employer for the last few months. The extent of the scars is an indication that her ordeal had gone on for long.

Community policing is not only about catching thieves and drug abusers but making sure social cohesion is maintained in the neighbourhood. Here again, is a failure by local leaders and there should be no excuse.


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