EDITORIAL: PAC hearings should lead to concrete action against wastage of public resources

The Public Accounts Committee started probing government institutions and those affiliated to it on Monday, September 14 on the possible misuse of public funds.

The hearings are based on the Auditor General’s report detailing how much money was lost and other issues ranging from delayed or cancelled contracts to mismanagement and sometimes embezzlement.


Over 50 public institutions are expected to appear before the oversight committee but this time the hearings are being held through web conferencing technology to prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic.


Rwandans are watching closely the goings-on at parliament.


In a year when the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the economy with many people losing jobs and several businesses folding, the government can ill afford to lose much needed funds through malpractices that can be avoided.

In July this year, the Minister for Justice said the government would put more priority on fighting financial crimes because of the impact they have on the economy and the wellbeing of the Rwandan people.

He cited corruption, embezzlement of public funds, tax evasion, money laundering, among other financial malpractices, as crimes that slow the country’s development if unchecked.

The Auditor General is also on record saying that rigorous prosecution of individuals is the only sure way to deter continued mismanagement of public resources.

However, implementing this requires close collaboration of all arms of government i.e. Judiciary, Legislature and the Executive.


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