Editorial: A lot expected from Umwiherero

All roads lead to Rwanda Defence Force Combat Training Centre in Gabiro, Gatsibo District where all sections of the population will be represented in a three-day National Leadership Retreat (Umwiherero).

It will be the 17th time the event takes place in what has been an annual fixture on the national calendar.  Senior government officials, business and religious leaders and youth all meet with one focus in mind; how to better push this country forward.

During the retreat, weaknesses are identified and solutions suggested. But it also serves to access whether the previous retreat’s recommendations were implemented or not. It is a time of accountability.

The fact that three ministers tendered their resignations in one week and the spate of similar resignations in local government, one can be sure many leaders will be grilled.

This country has set itself very ambitious targets; to become a middle-income country in the next 15 years with the target of joining the high-income club by 2050.

To achieve that the country needs to maintain a steady 10 percent and that is achievable given that the country had been posting an average 7 percent, all it needs is a little more effort from everyone.

One positive thing ever since the previous retreat is that the youth, especially young entrepreneurs have been involved in the discussions. They become players instead of bystanders in the art of nation-building, and the earlier they start the better.

That is what sets this country apart from many; young professional manpower occupying senior government positions that do not fear change or experimenting with new ideas. Let us expected that tomorrow will be that day when they come up with brilliant new ideas.


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