EDITORIAL: The govt has played its part shielding its citizens; the ball is now in their court

With another case of the deadly Ebola virus reported in Goma, just across the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda’s medical machinery is in overdrive.

The Rwandan Ministry of Health has not been idle; it has carried out drills in several medical facilities on what to do in case of a suspected Ebola patient, vaccinated thousands of community health workers, and stringent border controls complete with medical facilities at entry points have been put in place.

There is no guarantee that Ebola will not cross the border, what matters most is preparedness. In that department, the Ministry of Health cannot be faulted as it has pulled out all the stops.

Ebola has not been the only threat the country is facing. Hepatitis C virus has affected about 70 Million people worldwide and Rwanda has embarked on an ambitious plan to be the first sub-Saharan country to eliminate the disease in the next five years.

It will achieve that by aggressively carrying out widespread vaccinations and viral load tests of those aged 15 years and above.

Rwanda can be accused of many things, but when it comes to the wellbeing and health of its people, it spares no resources. The people should, therefore, reciprocate by taking the highest precautions, be it Ebola or not. Vigilance is necessary.