Editorial: At the end of the day Rwanda got the last laugh

“The official NISR poverty measures are calculated using appropriate deflators that are computed based on the prices faced and consumption choices made by poor households in different regions of Rwanda.”

In those few words, the World Bank debunked malicious statements circulated by Financial Times and recycled by all sorts of Rwandan haters and dissidents, that Rwanda had cooked its poverty status compiled by National Institute of Statistics.

Rwanda’s alleged culinary skills had become an anthem. In a nutshell, it was proof that it was living a lie at the expense of international financial institutions.

It was music to the ears of the prophets of doom, a small clique of the usual culprits who have a habit of quoting each other to keep the anti-Rwanda conversation going.

It is not every day that one will see the World Bank setting the record straight; that it has been pulled out of its corner to defend its reputation is rare indeed, but it was the right thing to do as its credentials were being called into doubt.

Hopefully, Financial Times and other similar publications will have learnt a lesson of stop being manipulated by those seeking to score cheap political points.

Those who had been rubbing their hands in glee were many and it was not surprising to see their composition – it was all those who don’t wish Rwanda well. But it is all a waste of time as in the end it is Rwanda that always gets the last laugh. Truth is stubborn indeed.