EDITORIAL: Diversionary tactics don’t work on Rwanda

It has been a habit for some neighbouring countries, that whenever they face political or economic tremors, they distract their population by dragging in Rwanda’s name or attempt to disrupt it.

That has been their game for a couple of years now, provoking and trying to distabilise it; but each time they do, they hit a brick wall. And then the trolls step in.

At their helm are Rwandan dissidents who have no other weapon other than loitering on social media mudslinging Rwanda and its leadership. The others are those who harbour a pathological hatred for this country and seem not to respond to any cure, even when handed an olive branch.

But this country’s leadership has refused to be drawn into those petty politics played by paper tigers. It is not frustrated musings and blogs that will stop this country’s well-thought-out journey.

It has made a choice and taken the pragmatic road to transform the country. Its policies are not based on planting potatoes, extorting its population or passing around brown envelops. It is busy harvesting knowledge investing in the latest technologies.

That is why the home-based Transform Africa Summit is taking place for the 5th time in Kigali, drawing thousands of who-is-who in the technological world – even the robot Sophia has promised to attend.

So, genocidaires, their cheerleaders and day dreamers can burn all the midnight candles they want. On this country’s part, it saw the light at the end of the tunnel long ago. The road ahead is clear and no amount of distraction will distract it from its goals.



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