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BREAST Cancer Awareness Month is a month-to spend time thinking about breast cancer and learning more about how you can reduce your risk for this disease.

Although we do not know specifically the cause of this disease, research has identified risk factors that are likely to increase the likelihood of this disease and how we can reduce our risk.

This knowledge is powerful because it equips us with the ability to reduce our risk as the Kinyarwanda proverb says: “The enemy you know can’t kill you.”

Throughout the month of October, people will be wearing pink ribbons, participating in 5K races, holding events and screenings and sharing information about breast cancer.

At BCIEA (Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa), we’re working each and every day of the year to ensure no one develops a preventable cancer through awareness and education.

The best way we can prevent cancer is by educating ourselves and our loved ones. This means taking action, being proactive and taking charge of our health—this begins with you.

IKUNDE = Love Yourself enough to place value on anything that enhances your life and avoiding anything that devalues your life.

Are you eating healthy food: fruit, vegetables, non gluten, plenty of water, avoiding sugar, saturated fats and processed foods, limiting alcohol intake, not smoking at all and having enough sleep.

Are you watching your weight as obesity is another risk? Are you having enough physical activity and avoiding strife and stress? These are things all of us can do and research says that including them in our lifestyle reduces the risk for breast cancer.

Cancer Research is rapidly changing, remain abreast with new findings by being an avid reader about cancer, health and wellness, there is a wealth of information out there for you.

IMENYE = Know Yourself so that when there is any change in any part of your body you can notice it.

So that you can do something about it promptly. Let’s think about it, if you don’t know what’s normal about your Breasts or skin, you are not likely to see changes until either it becomes too obvious, painful or somebody else points it out for you?

Medical research tells us that early detection of breast cancer is the best defense and it can save life. This is because as cancer grows it spreads from one organ to another— when it is found while it is still locally in one place,

Treatment is more effective and survival rate from breast cancer is higher.

Self-Awareness and regular Breast Self Examination have proven to ensure early detection of breast cancer—you have the choice to learn and practice this important life saving strategy. You have he power to take Action to reduce the devastating impact of breast cancer.

ISUZUMISHE = Get Checked means that once you are aware of your body, if you notice or feel any changes, be proactive and seek medical assistance promptly. Do not self-diagnose and procrastinate.

Remember cancer is made up of Fast growing cells—time is of essence.

It is also important to remember;

Note the importance of Annual Medical Check ups and have them even if you are not sick. It is possible to discover cancer or even other diseases through annual check up and treat it effectively. It is a great feeling to hear your doctor tell you, “You are good to go till next year,”

BCIEA is celebrating October as the Global Breast Cancer Awareness Month with several activities, please join us: Saturday, October 12, 2019 from 7am to 12Noon at Green Hills Academy for our annual Ulinzi Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and Community Open Forum + Free Basic Health Screening including Clinical Breast Exam.

Registration and T-Shirts can be done at Green Hills Academy.

BCIEA is hosting its Anniversary Gala on Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 from 7:30 pm to 11pm at Serena. Tickets are available at Rwf30,000 and are being accessed at Green Hills Academy.

Remember: # Breastcanceriseverybodysbusiness The writer is the Founder and CEO, Breast Cancer Initiative East Africa (BCIEA) Inc.

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