We should not dictate what girls wear to school, officials

Johnston Busingye (L) and Olivier Nduhungirehe. / File
Johnston Busingye (L) and Olivier Nduhungirehe. / File

Members of the cabinet have defended girls after an article written by a vernacular news website questioned the appropriateness of the school uniforms that some girls put on to school, saying that they are seductive.

The news report which included comments from some parents and teachers suggests that some high school students—especially girls—wear short skirts and too much makeup at school, saying that it is not appropriate for students.

Responding to the report through Twitter, Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe, the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and East African Community said that it’s “sad” that girls are always targeted for harassment because of their dress code.

“It is sad that girls are always harassed simply because of their dress code. This shouldn’t be an issue in this time and age. The problem here is not about the girl’s skirts but rather the one who keep looking at them and judging what they are wearing,” Nduhungirehe said adding that this must stop.

Minister of Justice Johnston Busingye weighed in and echoed Nduhungirehe’s sentiments in a subsequent post saying that, “Thank you Minister, this self-instituted moral policing is uncalled for.”

Several social media enthusiasts also pushed back on the arguments raised in the article with many saying that those who find a problem in the girls’ dress code are the ones with a problem.

“Anyone who has issues with dressing of this student whether men or women...clean your negative dirty minds,” David Gakwaya said referring to a picture that was used to illustrate the story.

Bob Rugambwa, commended the Nduhungirehe and Busingye’s comments, arguing that the public is quick to roast girls and not as much for boys when they wear what he described as “sagging trousers”.

“May God bless you two honorables. You hardly hear anyone complain about young men wearing sagging trousers. But the obsession we have with how young women dress and the accompanying hypocrisy is just too much. It indeed needs to stop”.


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