WASAC: Water supply normalised following Christmas downpour

The Management of Water and Sanitation Corporation (Wasac) on 27 Friday announced that water supply had been normalized after a shortage across the City of Kigali- a result of heavy rains that struck on the evening of 25 December.

Among others, the rain claimed 12 lives across the country with four deaths recorded just in the capital.

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The utility company had on December 26 announced that the heavy rain had caused high turbidity (loss of water transparency) in Nzove and Kimisagara water treatment plants and hence halting the normal production system.

This had affected water supply in different parts of Kigali that are supplied by these two plants.

Speaking to The New Times on Friday, Aimé Muzola, Director General of Wasac noted that the turbidity has reduced.

“When the turbidity is high it slows the flow of water treatment. But as we speak, the turbidity has stabilised to the level that allows water treatment at our water treatment plants,” he said.

As a result of the heavy rain on Christmas night, turbidity hit a record 54,000 units from the normal 14,000 for water to be treated.

He added that: “Of course water can’t immediately reach to all households at once, but the process of supplying it has already begun.”

According to Wasac, by Friday evening water supply will be normal.

Muzola also emphasized that it should be everyone’s duty to use water responsibly regardless of the season.

Rwanda Metrological Agency on Thursday, December 26 announced a three-day weather forecast of December 26 to 28 which will see average rains, but might increase in the southwestern part of the country.


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