Voting underway in the Eastern Province

Eastern Province Governor, Fred Mufulukye (second in line) before he cast his vote in Cyanya cell, Rwamagana. (Photo Jean de Dieu Nsabimana)

Hundreds of residents gathered at Lycee Islamique polling site, Kigabiro sector, Rwamagana District as voting for parliamentarians kicked off early Monday in the East Province where more than 1,200,000 people are registered to vote.  

 The Governor of the Eastern Province, Governor Fred Mufulukye, was one of the people who voted early.


Residents were first briefed about the election process before voting kicked off at 7:00 a.m.



Governor Mufulukye casts his vote. 

The Governor encouraged residents to cast their votes early and embark on their usual work.

“We hope that, as residents promised us their participation during campaign activities, they will turn up in large numbers to vote,” he said.

Frank Kayiranga, the NEC coordinator in the Eastern province, said elections in the province were going on well and expect a participation rate of at least 95 per cent.

With 3,792 villages, the Eastern Province has 4,102 polling sites. A site caters for 700 people.

92 year old Issa Rugwabiza is one of the voters who arrived at the polling station early. A resident of Cyanya cell, Rugwabiza participated in the elections of the 1960s.

He told The New Times that in the 60s polls were marred by ethnic divisions and violence.   

“This is different. We are now free, the voting is not based on ethnicity and we have security”.

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