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Uproar as Rusesabagina is given platform to negate Genocide against Tutsi

Paul Rusesabagina is a known denier of the genocide against the Tutsi and sponsor of terrorist militias fighting against Rwanda. Net

Paul Rusesabagina, a known denier of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, and leader of a terrorist group is set to be given a platform in the west to speak.

But Rusesabagina is listed among speakers for the Opening Breakfast Ceremony for celebrating the commencement of DreamWeek 2020, a 16-day summit of 200+ events in and around downtown San Antonio, a major city in south-central Texas, USA.


Former Prosecutor-General Jean-Bosco Mutangana took to twitter to inform The San Antonio Current, a weekly newspaper in San Antonio that published a story about the event, “that Rusesabagina is a key suspect in financing terrorism against my country and should not continue to walk away with impunity.”


“He does not deserve such platforms but rather decisive actions by law enforcement. Decisive action by law enforcement wherever he travels and bringing Rusesabagina to justice is the only way to deter his continued criminality.”


Among others, the newspaper described Rusesabagina as the humanitarian upon whom the film Hotel Rwanda is based.

In 2015, people who survived the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi at Hotel des Mille Collines, as well as experts, said that a book by Edouard Kayihura is a major contribution in the fight against Rusesabagina's lies that he saved the Tutsi at the hotel.

The book, “Inside the Hotel Rwanda: The Surprising True Story…and Why It Matters Today,” written by Kayihura, a survivor from the hotel, tells the story of what really happened during the Genocide. It discredits the 2004 Hollywood film that inaccurately portrayed Rusesabagina as a hero.

Genocide researcher Tom Ndahiro said that apart from being a supporter of genocidaires, a terrorist and conman, there is no worst fake news like seeing Rusesabagina and his foundation being falsely described as a humanitarian.

Asked why western organisations continue inviting and giving platforms to people like Rusesabagina, Ndahiro said: "The problem is indifference to what happens here. Because of racism, they don't care about the truth and facts. They can't entertain a known Holocaust denier or someone who openly support terrorist activities."

However, it is widely known that Rusesabagina actually charged the refugees large sums of money, usually in US dollars even after the president of the then Sabena Hotels, Michael Houtart, had instructed him otherwise.

Many were chased away because they did not have money.

Some, including the family of late Anselme Sakumi spent more than two hours outside the hotel, pleading with Rusesabagina for admission until another refugee provided a cheque on their behalf.

Rwandan businesswoman Francine Havugimana noted that “the formula is the other way round,” stressing that when someone does good for people, it is best to let these people share their testimonies “than trying to prove it yourself.”

She added: “Personally have been there as a refugee and have a different story ....better search for survivors’ stories, otherwise you are doing wrong.”

Sabin Byinshi said: “This guy never saved anyone in [the] Genocide. He actually made a fortune from it by hiking prices and those who couldn’t afford were left to the Interahamwe. He hobnobbed with genocidaires. He a wolf and has secured a place among terrorists by leading bandits who've terrorized Rwandans.”

Abd El Hamid noted how as a child he recalls how Kigali streets were “crawling the Habyarimana Army” and the main roundabout in the city had barriers overseeing all movements.

“People who were in the hotel were actually trapped. Rusesabagina helped nobody.

Even using common sense, it would never have been possible for one man to be able to save 1,268 people during the Genocide, especially in Hotel des Milles Collines with its location in the heart of Kiyovu where all prominent genocidaires lived and operated from, including the army.”

“Calling Rusesabagina a humanitarian is an insult to the Rwandan people and a direct denial of the 1994 Genocide. There are people who actually helped and saved lives during the Genocide and have never come out to boast about it. What happened in Rwanda was horrible. Why boast?”

Carine Keza noted: “This is wrong, can you explain how a genocide denier became a hero protecting Tutsi victims? This guy is heading a terrorist organization killing innocent people in Rwanda. The movie Hotel Rwanda is just a scam!”

Marvin Mbabazi added: “Testimonies from the Genocide survivors tell a different story. Rusesabagina would charge money to those who tried to enter the hotel. He did not spare children or old people. And those who had no money were kept out by him to be killed and raped by Genocide perpetrators.”

Among other things, Rusesabagina is today a leader – along with Belgium-based former Rwandan Prime Minister FaustinTwagiramungu – of the MRCD Ubumwe-FLN, a terrorist network operating in the east of neighbouring DR Congo.

His foundation – Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation (HRRF) – collects money that is sent to fund terror activities by FLN, the armed wing of MRCD which is commanded by Gen Wilson Irategeka, formerly in FDLR.

The FDLR comprises elements blamed for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, which claimed lives of over a million Rwandans in three months.

FLN first raided a Rwandan village near the border with Burundi in June 2018, before another attack last December, when three passenger service vehicles were ambushed inside Nyungwe forest.

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