Umushyikirano: What are the impressions?

From December 19th-20th, Rwandans were attending and following the 17th National Umushyikirano Council. Some 2,000 Rwandans from all walks of life and diaspora converged in Kigali Convention Center for the two-day council. 

Umushyikirano was also being followed live from five sites: Rusizi, Nyamagabe, Nyagatare, Burera and youth that were gathered at Intare Conference Arena.  

This year’s Umushyikirano discussed namely economic growth; looking into achievements made during 19 years of vision 2020 and the way forward to vision 2050. 

Upholding family values and promotion was also reserved a panel where reactions from all the sites and social media were responded to by concerned authorities. 

The New Times collected reactions and recommendations on the just concluded National Umushyikirano. Here are excerpts. 

Remy Uwayo, university student

I liked the story of Keza Nyiramajyambere and the kind of Rwanda people want her to live in. However, I think they should have given some time on how the history of Rwanda should be retained and taught thoroughly in schools because Keza will also need to learn about history.

Francois Biramahire, Kicukiro-based pharmacist

Umushyikirano made me reflect on the achievements during the vision 2020 that was established when I was 18. 

Particularly in health sector which is my expertise, child mortality rate has drastically decreased, among others improvements. For the next Umushyikirano, teen pregnancies, and improved technology in the health sector should be also brought in the spotlight. 

Cyuzuzo Gentillesse, a university student

I liked how youth dominated Umushyikirano. In the countryside, I could hear people, especially youth, excitedly discussing what was going on. 

As a suggestion, I would like to see more discussions around education and Kinyarwanda language held. I point this out because they are both equally basics for society to move in the right direction. 

Alexis Kagame, grocer in Kigali

I like how they gave time to family and social issues. It is the foundation. I also got informed on how Rwanda performed towards vision 2020.

As a businessman, I suggest that for the next council, tax-paying and trade facilities be added on the agenda. I think they can also add how to decentralize infrastructure to the countryside, it is another way to speed up development. 

Yann Gwet, a university lecturer 

Of course, it is impossible to cover every topic in just two days. My suggestion for the next year’s Umushyikirano would be to add nation-building to the agenda. I think it is a fundamental issue; not just for Rwanda by the way, but for Africa as a whole".

Christian Murenzi, a medical doctor

I think a country’s issues cannot all be discussed in just two days. I think it did well with such a short time. I however expected to see more discussions on health and education. Those are essential issues that should be tackled every now and then. I hope the next Umushyikirano will shade more light on that.

Umushyikirano was launched in 2003. It is one of Rwanda’s Home Grown Solutions that brings together the President, leaders of institutions together with the public to discuss issues relating to the state of the nation. The Head of State is expected by the constitution to chair it

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