Two WASAC employees arrested for allegedly soliciting for bribes

Police in the City of Kigali yesterday arrested two employees of Water and Sanitation Corporation (WASAC) after they were allegedly caught receiving bribes offer water services.

The suspects, police said, were caught in Kicukiro District, Gikondo sector, Kagunga cell, Rebero village.

The Central Region Police Spokesperson Chief Inspector of Police Emmanuel Kayigi, said the duo – both water pump attendants – were caught red-handed while receiving Rwf50,000 from a resident.

They are currently detained at Gikondo Police station as Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) continues with inquiries, he said.

Kayigi explained that the victim – a Rwandan national who lives in Belgium – reported a case to police, stating that two people kept soliciting for money from him in order to connect water to a site where he is constructing a residential house.

He had been facing shortage of water supply at his construction site, which he says, made him an easy target for the suspects.

According to Kayigi, the victim paid Rwf40,000 on two separate occasions thinking that this was the practice whenever there was disruption in water supply.

He became suspicious when the problem persisted, which encouraged him to look for more information.

“The victim contacted Police and an operation was set up. An arrangement was made to meet the suspect at the construction site. The suspect arrived to collect the money and was arrested as he was leaving.” Kayigi explained.

He also explained that police are following other leads about some public utilities workers such as WASAC who continue to disconnect water and demand money for reinstallation through proxy agents.

“I would like to encourage anyone who has been scammed by these people to please come forward; the information will assist the law enforcers as they investigate the matter further,” Kayigi said.

He added: “Corruption has no place in Rwanda and we will work tirelessly and in collaboration with institutions such as the RIB to ensure that it is eradicated and that citizens receive the quality services they deserve . I would also like to encourage people to report any fraud and corruption activities”

The Public Relations Officer for WASAC, Pascal Tuhabwa, said employees are not expected to receive any payment for corporation related services and where water rationing is necessary the public is informed.

“We have not had any water rationing in this area of recent, this was outright corruption because water has been available in the area” said Tuhabwa.

He also said employees reported in such tendencies have been administratively reprimanded and others fired from their responsibilities.