Tuesday night rains claim 12 lives

The Ministry of Emergency Management (Minema) says that heavy rains that pounded different parts of the country on the night of Tuesday April 21, claimed lives of twelve people and left 18 others injured.

Among the fatalities include four children in Cyungo Sector, Rulindo District in Northern Province who died from a landslide that swept away a house in which they were sleeping.


The downpour also destroyed 32 houses, one road and hectares of crops, according to statistics from the Ministry.


The loss follows an advisory by Rwanda Metrological Agency (RMA back in March which had predicted an above-average rainfall through May, usually a period of a long-rainy season.


Western Rwanda, according to the April forecast, will receive most rainfall compared to other parts of the country.

In a tweet, Minema urged citizens to be cautious in this rainy season.

"In this time of heavy rains, we urge the public to be cautious and check the conditions of their houses, fasten their roofs and avoid disaster-prone areas," reads part of the tweet.

The Ministry among others added that: "Citizens should also avoid to use electronic gadgets and to go in water bodies when the rain has lightning."

Countrywide, floods, rainstorms, lightning and landslides are the major causes of the damages and fatalities.


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