Top clerics from over 20 nations commit to community cohesion

Munyemana (standing, left), interacting with other pastors in Kigali. Michel Nkurunziza.

Church leaders from Africa, USA, Costa Rica, and Brazil currently in Kigali have committed to embracing the model of church-initiated community transformation by responding to the pressing needs of communities.

They are taking part in the 5th annual All Africa conference that attracted over 150 delegates to learn from Rwandan churches in fostering unity and transforming the community.

They are learning from Rwandan churches’ model in transforming community.courtesy Photo

According to Eric Munyemana, the Chairperson of Rwanda Leaders Fellowship, who is also the continental director of Peace Plan in Africa, over a decade, over 4,000 Rwandan church leaders came together to implement practical tools to serve congregations and communities.

“After the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi, the country had to rebuild its self and the churches had to come together to foster godly values that also help transform the communities in tackling poverty issues, fostering unity and reconciliation, anti-corruption efforts, among many others that boost national development,” he said.

Eric Munyemana, the Continental Director of Peace Plan in Africa, who is also The Chairperson of Rwanda Leaders Fellowship addressing the delegates

In terms of boosting socio-economic development, he said churches have been responding to communities’ needs citing an example where, over the past three years, they helped 341 children get adopted, built 62 pre-schools, and formed 1,700 savings groups with 47,000 vulnerable members.

He added that 336 water tanks and 1,501 filters were scaled up in terms of water and sanitation as well as supporting groups of HIV positive people.

After witnessing the Rwandan example, over 20 countries launched their nationwide movement of healthy churches transforming communities and 25 more nations are set to launch the initiative by the end of 2019, he added.

“The church of Rwanda inspired me as a pastor from Central African Republic, to see a church that experienced genocide but which is committed to bringing transformation in the life of the country,” said Dr Nicolas Guerekoyame-Gbangou, the president of Religious Confessional Platform in Central African Republic, adding that if the church plays its role, the community will be transformed.