Sebagenzi promises to tackle teenage pregnancies

Ally Hussein Sebagenzi. Courtesy

Ally Hussein Sebagenzi has said that he intends to advocate for tightening the laws that tackle teenage pregnancies, especially the ones that target men who sexually abuse young girls.

Sebagenzi, who is among the four independent candidates in the ongoing parliamentary campaigns, delivered the message at Gitega Sector, Nyarugenge District.

“Girls are the future mothers of the country who will bring up a new generation to build the country, when their future is threatened by unwanted pregnancies, they get problems individually but also put the whole country’s future in danger. This is one of the reasons why I want to put efforts in tackling this issue once elected MP,” he said.

Sebagenzi mentioned that his interventions will mainly seek to empower young girls with knowledge and skills to enable them to make right decisions and seek timely justice when needed.

He also promised to tackle issues revolving around expropriations.

“Quite often households and businesses are relocated to pave the way for the road expansions, airports, energy projects as well as the implementation of City masterplans. However, on many occasions complaints were raised about dissatisfaction with the rates for calculating compensation,” he said.

“For this, I want to push for more engagement of people in the planning process giving land and property owners an appropriate space to negotiate a fair compensation.

He also said that, once elected, he will  push for more youth employment by contributing to the formation of more incentives for industrial based and other big investment that create many jobs at once.