Rwandan murdered in Mozambique laid to rest as Kigali demands for urgent arrest of killers

Pallbearers carry a coffin containing Louis Baziga's body for burial in Rusororo Cemetery in Gasabo District, September 2, 2019 (Emmanuel Ntirenganya)

Deceased leader of the Rwandan Diaspora in Mozambique, Louis Baziga, was laid to rest on Monday amidst Kigali’s demands to Maputo to urgently arrest his murders.

The call was made by Claude Nikobisanzwe, Rwanda’s envoy to Mozambique, as he eulogized Baziga during a funeral service in Kigali.


“We encourage the Government of Mozambique to arrest and bring the criminals to book. That is the only thing that can make people understand that committing crime in another country, fighting the Government in another country is not acceptable,” he said.



Louis Baziga's children carry his photo, and a burial cross during his funeral at Rusororo Cemetery in Gasabo District, September 2, 2019 (Emmanuel Ntirenganya)

The burial at Rusororo Cemetery was preceded by a church service at the Association of Pentecostal Churches in Rwanda’s (ADEPR) Kabuga Chapel.

Baziga, a businessman, who also doubled as a Pastor in the Pentecostal Church, was murdered on August 26, 2019 in Mozambique.

Nikobisanzwe disclosed that Baziga had confided in him with information that Rwandan dissidents who intended to destabilize the country were trailing him.

Beatrice Uzaramba (second from Right) wife of the late Baziga testified that he was a husband with whom they enjoyed a happy marriage, family (Emmanuel Ntirenganya)

"They attempted, on multiple occasions, to convince him to leave his position as the head of the Rwandan Diaspora in [Mozambique] so that he joins them but he refused,” he said.

It is this kind of resistance that placed Baziga in a tricky position, making his life the target for the dissidents.

“They started sending him death threat messages,” Nikobisanzwe said.

Claude Nikobisanzwe, Rwandan Ambassador to Mozambique observed that Baziga had told him that he would never betray his country despite pressure from the Rwandan dissidents who intended to destabilise the country (Emmanuel Ntirenganya) 

 “As the Embassy of Rwanda in Mozambique, we 100 per cent confirm that Louis [Baziga] was killed by the enemies of the country and they are Rwandan,” he added. “They killed him because he loved his country. He loved the government; he refused to betray his country.”

In 2016, he reveled, some people attempted to murder Baziga but was tipped off by the person who was hired to kill him.

 "They were later arrested and taken to court, but, we don't know how the case ended. Now, they are all moving freely," he said.

The group of Rwandans causing insecurity among the Rwandan community in Mozambique, he said, include those who murdered people during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

The envoy said that some Rwandans have continued to report about cases attempted recruitments by terrorist groups such as Kayumba Nyamwasa’s led Rwanda National Congress (RNC).

Family mourns

Ange Alice Uwase, the elder daughter of the deceased said “I cannot find words to describe what my father was, but, my father was all.  Our father had taught us to love work, education, and taught us that everyone has importance, either poor or rich. He taught us to be humble.”

“What strengthens me now is that I know my father has died as a hero. And that is what will enable me to continue moving straight,” she said.

Ange Alice Uwase (second from Right), the elder daughter of the deceased Baziga said he meant all to her, during his funeral, Monday, September 2, 2019 (Emmanuel Ntirenganya) 

Widow, Beatrice Uzaramba, said that they have been married for 24 years, and that "God blessed us in both fortune and children. I thank God that we lived in harmony."

“He was a hero to us. He loved God, he was a servant of God. He was characterised by love, patience, forgiveness, helping all including orphans and widow who came to him seeking support. May God accord him everlasting peace,” she said.

About Baziga

Baziga was born on September 7, 1972 in Huye Sector of Huye District, Southern Province, Rwanda.

He married Beatrice Uzaramba in 1995, with whom they gave birth to seven children—two boys and five girls.

He worked for Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) since 1994, both in Rwanda and DR Congo.

He moved to Mozambique in 1997. Prior to being leader of the Rwandan Diaspora in Mozambique in 2011, he was ordained pastor in Pentecostal Church in Mozambique in 2005.

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