Rwanda seeks increased private investments in agriculture

Rwanda is looking for more private investments in agriculture to promote agribusiness and agro-industry sectors, Rwandan agriculture Minister Gerardine Mukeshimana said Tuesday in the capital city Kigali.

Scaling up private investments in agribusiness and agro-industry sectors will lead to employment creation and an increase in agriculture export revenues, Mukeshimana said at a national agriculture and agribusiness stakeholders’ forum.

Rwanda has a lot of opportunities in agribusiness while the country is lacking in private investments to tap into its potential, she said.

Successful agriculture transformation in Rwanda will be achieved through strong partnerships between the public and the private sector, she added.

In 2017, Rwanda’s agriculture sector contributed 31 per cent to the GDP and generated $356.5 million  from agriculture exports, according to the minister.

The one-day meeting, organised by Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources and the World Bank Group, is aimed at discussing ways to promote commercialisation of agriculture through increased private investment.