Rwanda Investigation Bureau challenged on professionalism, humility

Upholding the highest professional ethics and humility will go a long way in a ensuring the success of the newly established Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), Justice Minister Johnston Busingye has said.

The Minister was opening a three-day retreat of senior management of the investigation agency at La Pallise Hotel, Nyamata on Friday. According to Busingye, Rwanda is becoming an “International country” due to a large number of people coming into the country either to stay or for tourism, conferences, and business among other reasons. He also noted that Rwandans are also accustomed to the rule of law. With the two reasons, RIB can only ensure the best possible service in their duties.

It is the institution’s first leadership retreat and 30 top investigators attending the retreat will discuss RIB mission, expectations and capabilities, training needs for their personnel, recruitment principles and process and the agency’s statute among others.

“RIB is a new and unique agency and explains why people have high expectations of you in the way you conduct your work in the justice system.” Busingye told RIB officials.

“Our country’s vision is to become the service and hospitality hub. It is rapidly becoming an international community with people from different backgrounds—from developing to developed countries – picking interest in Rwanda for so many reasons. Your responsibility is to ensure that everyone on our territory is safe, happy and satisfied with our justice system,” he added.

One of the reasons for the increase in revenue in tourism is Rwanda focusing on Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE).

In 2017, it hosted 169 international meetings which brought tens of thousands of customers to hotels, restaurants and the national airline and $40 million was injected into the economy, according to Rwanda Development Board (RDB).

Available statistics show that Rwanda has doubled tourism revenues from $200m in 2010 to $404m in 2016.

“Rwanda is becoming an international destination because hundreds of meetings and thousands of people that visit the country. We cannot take for granted things that make us tick, which is security and safety for our people and guests. RIB has a huge responsibility is ensuring rule of law and justice in the most professional way yet with humility,” Busingye noted.

Jeannot Ruhunga, the Secretary General of RIB, told Sunday Times that there’s need to train their personnel on the required skills to be efficient and effective as possible.

“Our job challenges us to be effective with the least possible means deployed. It is a major responsibility but one that is not strange to many of us.

We have the required skills but there is need to partner with our international friends to ensure that the skills of our personnel are improved and up for the task at hand,” Ruhunga said.

8 things you need to know about Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB)

The recently established Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) effectively took over the criminal investigation function from Rwanda National Police, with 463 police officers formerly working under CID plus other officers from different departments being transferred to RIB—ceasing to be police officers and investigators.

The agency is expected to strengthen Rwanda’s justice system in order to respond to the challenges of modern crimes, among others.

RIB is headed by Jeannot Ruhunga who will be deputised by Isabella Kalihangabo. Both officials were sworn in last month and the body will work as an autonomous institution.

Here are more eight details you should to know about the new investigation agency;

Who constitutes the RIB

Law nº12/2017 of 07/04/2017 establishing the Rwanda Investigation Bureau and Determining its Mission, Powers, Organisation and Functioning in its art 12 provides that RIB is composed of the High Council and the General Secretariat.

RIB also has under its functions Crime Investigation, Crime Intelligence and Counter terrorism, Administration and Finance, Interpol and Cooperation department and Inspection and Compliance Department.
Where are RIB offices located?

RIB Headquarters is in Kimihurura at a building that was formerly owned by Rwanda National Police.  

At Provincial level, RIB works at Provincial Bureaus, District Bureas and Station Bureaus in the same building with Police. There will be signs showing offices of RIB.

Which crimes do Police and RIB investigate?

All crime cases are investigated by RIB, no investigations are carried out by Police. RIB deals with judicial procedures while police deals with physical security aspects.

What uniforms do they wear?

RIB staff wear civilian attire but they will also have different kind of clothes/uniforms such as T/shirt with RIB Logo, jackets and suits.

Which crimes does RIB handle?

As it was mentioned above all criminal cases will be handled by RIB, it has an office that will handle Cyber crimes and Interpol as well, among other crimes.

Burglary or any other seemingly simple crimes; who will arrest suspects?

Any security agency can apprehend a criminal in the course of committing a crime and take the suspect to RIB. Police will mainly ensure crime prevention and arrest criminals.

How can one join RIB?

RIB is composed of staff transferred from Rwanda National Police but as other public organs, job vacancies will be announced and people will apply according to their qualifications.

Do RIB officers carry weapons?

Yes, the law gives RIB staff license to use firearms and other security devices necessary to perform its mission.


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