RPF pledges to create more jobs for youth in Gasabo District

Some of RPF-Inkotanyi parliamentary candidates, from Gasabo District, on stage during campaign in Jabana Sector yesterday. Michel Nkurunziza.

The chairman of RPF-Inkotanyi in Gasabo District, Stephen Rwamurangwa, has said that if the party’s parliamentary candidates are elected during next week’s polls, their efforts will help create more jobs, especially for the youth so as to reduce unemployment.

He was speaking during the party’s campaign rally in Jabana Sector, Gasabo District on Saturday.


“Our representatives will ensure that the projects and laws related to job creation, especially for the youth, are boosted,” he said.


He noted that the city master plan has reserved space for industries in several parts of the district, even in Jabana sector. Our candidates will ensure that the spaces are exploited and expanded because they will play a big role in creating more jobs,” he said.


RPF-Inkotanyi youth dance during the campaign in Jabana Sector yesterday

He added that they would ensure that infrastructure, such as roads; water supply systems and electricity are increased and expanded adding that there is also need for vigilance in settlements that respect thecity master plan.

“RPF has supported in building many roads in the district and new ones are being constructed and others are in the pipeline. Many youth find jobs there,” he said citing an example of construction Nyacyonga-Mukoto, 30km road connecting Gasabo to Rulindo district which the RPF Chairperson had pledged to residents.

Louis Rwagaju, the campaign manager in Gasabo district, pledged that once their candidates are elected, they will work hard to extend outreach programs to consult people before establishing inclusive laws, assess their problems and help seek solutions as well as monitoring government programs to ensure they are well implemented and that institutions are held accountable.

Cécile Murumunawabo, another candidate said that the youth will always be on top of the agenda of those to benefit from job creation initiatives and laws so as to curb the unemployment rate adding that experience would no longer be a condition for employment.

RPF-Inkotanyi parliamentary candidates and officials during campaign in Jabana Sector yesterday

“We have to make sure we play role in monitoring government programs that help the country’s people become self-reliant starting from the youth,” she said.

Théoneste Karenzi, another candidate, said voters should have hope that once FPR gets many seats in the parliament, laws and hearings with the target of eliminating corruption and injustice woulld be tightened and that their implementation will be well monitored by Parliament.

Annociata Mukafurika, a farmer and resident of Jabana, said it was necessary to make sure that there are proper laws and incentives that support smallholder farmers so as to increase agricultural productivity adding that without security and proper laws, she would not have been able to exploit an agricultural marshland that was lying idle.

Residents came in thousands to supports the candidates in Jabana Sector yesterday

The ladywho also grows plants that produce beads, said that she managed to pay school fees through such farming supported by the government, adding that good laws and policies are timely to drive youth into agriculture to create jobs in agribusiness.

“Members of parliament must question government to make sure policies and programs in agriculture are well implemented for all categories of people in agriculture such as women and youth,” she added.



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