Religious leaders reflect on significance of Good Friday

Christians all over the world will today observe Good Friday, just like it is the norm every year.

Good Friday is a Christian holiday commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus and his death at Calvary for mankind’s sins. Religious leaders highlighted more on what Good Friday really signifies.

According to Father Vincent Gasana, a priest at St Michael Cathedral in Kigali, Good Friday simply means love.

This is a moment everyone should remember to do good to others in any way possible, what Jesus did can only be described as love, he said.

“Good Friday prepares us for Jesus’ resurrection, we believe that as He said in Mark 9:31, that He will resurrect, this gives us hope that everything that is dead in our lives will resurrect,” says Innocent Ruzindana, a Pastor at The Joy of Salvation Church, Kimironko.

He added that all Christians should be hopeful that regardless of their situation, they will overcome through Christ because His blood was shed for them to take away pain and bring life.

Ruzindana advises Christians to spend Good Friday meditating upon Jesus’ love and strength to die for mankind.

“This is an act that should not be taken for granted but rather a way of drawing us closer to the saviour because He is the way, the truth and life,” he said.

Reverend Jean Pierre Uwimana, from Bethesda Holy Church, Gisozi, said that Good Friday should be a call to refine one’s behaviours and turn away from sin and temptations.

He stated that Good Friday reminds Christians that we were saved by the blood of Jesus, “which means we have to live a life He lived since He is our example.”

“While remembering Jesus’ death, we should spare some time to pray for our loved ones who were killed in the Genocide against the Tutsi and also ask God to give us the strength to build our country,” Uwimana added.

Ruzindana warned that the commemoration of Jesus’ death shouldn’t only be on Good Fridays but an everyday thing.

We ought to appreciate the Messiah for dying for our sins all the time as it was an act that made us new people, he said.

Uwimana called upon every Christian to repent and be kind as they prepare for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

According to the teachings, Jesus resurrected three days after being killed and it is on His resurrection that the global Christian community celebrates Easter Sunday.