PSR trains youth on electoral process

PSR's President, Jean Baptiste Rucibigango. File.

The Rwandan Socialist Party (PSR) has trained the youth on electoral process and reminded them about their role in ensuring smooth elections ahead of the parliamentary polls scheduled from September 2-4.

PSR is one the six parties in a coalition with RPF-Inkotanyi in this year’s parliamentary elections.

Other coalition parties include Ideal Democratic Party (PDI), Centrist Democratic Party (PDC), Democratic Union of Rwandese People (UDPR), and Party for Progress and Concord (PPC), Party for Solidarity and Progress (PSP).

According to the Chairman of PSR, Jean-Baptiste Rucibagango, the training gathered 50 youths from Nyarugenge, Nyamasheke, Gasabo, Muhanga and Rubavu districts. Others came from Karongi, Rwamagana, Kicukiro, Gatsibo, Kamonyi and Musanze.

“Besides this training for the youth on electoral process, we have been conducting an eight-month training in civic education. We want that every person plays their role in ensuring elections run well so as to avoid any election related conflicts as it happens in other countries when elections are distorted,” he said.

He added that the trained youth representatives will train the other youth party members. The youth account for 90 per cent of PSR members, he said.

“Elections are a pillar of democracy which ensures sustainable development and therefore the youth should play their role. We selected eight youth to be election observers,” he said.

Some of the youth are part of the polling staff in their respective areas.

The youth were reminded of the duties of polling agents including checking if voting card matches with what is on the voting list, directing voters into voting chambers, and ensuring that there is no multiple voting from one voter.

Clementine Uwitije, a member of PSR, shared with the youth the guidelines governing polling agents.

“Polling agents should ensure elections are run in transparency, without forging votes, ensuring freedom of voters, avoiding campaigning during the elections, following law and regulations governing the elections,” she said.

She also mentioned that the polling staff should work well with observers and other stakeholders by seeking advice from colleagues and superiors, being confidential and avoiding announcing electoral results before the set date.

“The staff should submit elections report on time. They should avoid meddling in political affairs during the elections, avoid corruption, avoid polling materials, and embezzling funds for electoral process, preventing voters to vote their preferred candidates,” she noted.