PS-Imberakuri disowns Bernard Ntaganda

Mukabunani during the news conference in Kigali yesterday. Sam Ngendahimana.

The president of PS-Imberakuri, Christine Mukabunani, has disowned a recent communiqué that accuses the Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF-Inkotanyi) of intimidation and hate speeches published by its former member, Bernard Ntaganda.

Ntaganda, who is one of the founding members of PS-Imberakuri and the first party president, was in March 2010 expelled from the party for allegedly promoting divisionism and associating with terrorists.


On Thursday, Ntaganda released a statement criticising the top leaders of RPF-Inkotanyi of intimidating the recently released convict, Victoire Ingabire, that she could be sent back to prison if she behaves in a manner contrary to the terms of the presidential pardon.


In the communiqué, Ntaganda reflects on President Paul Kagame’s speech during the swearing-in ceremony of the 4th Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday.


Without mentioning precising any name, Kagame said the presidential pardon was given after the people involved requested for it.

Ntaganda said the speech intended to intimidate Ingabire, restrain freedom of expression and political space, while it also undermines democracy in the country.

He also alleged that the government does not tolerate opposition and either kills them or forces them out of the country.

The communiqué, which he apparently signed on behalf of PS-Imberakuri, was disowned by party members and Mukabunani called on the public to disregard it.

“First of all, Ntaganda should not confuse the Head of State with his party, he was speaking as President and not on behalf of his party,” she told a news conference yesterday

“We also wanted to clarify that Ntaganda is no longer a party member, whatever he says on behalf of the party should be disregarded,” she added

MP Mukabunani, whose party won two seats in parliament in September polls, said that while her party criticises what is not going well for positive change, it would not support those who make hate speeches and criticise just for the sake of criticising.

“There is one PS-Imberakuri party, there are laws regulating the functioning of political parties and how they are governed, our party is the one that is legally recognised,” she said

She also threatened to sue Ntaganda if he continues claiming that he’s acting on behalf of the party.

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