Police urge vigilance during festive season

CP John Bosco Kabera, Rwanda National Police Spokesperson. Photo: File.

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has reassured continued security, but urged the public to remain vigilant during the festive season.

Speaking to The New Times, Commissioner of Police John Bosco Kabera, the Police Spokesperson, said: “Security organs are ready to ensure the security and safety for all during the festive season; however, it requires everyone’s active involvement.”

“If you have a car and intend to drink alcohol while enjoying the festive season, make sure you have a sober person to drive you after”, he added

Kabera further explained that there is excitement that comes with the festivity, but it cannot be compromised with life.

“There is some level of excitement that comes with the festive season and understandably so. However, do not use it as an excuse to violate traffic regulations and endanger your life and that of others - speed kills.”

“We wish that we all enter 2020 safely, which is why we take this opportunity to remind you that no celebration is worth risking your life for. Don’t drink and drive, don’t forget the dangers of drunk-driving and over-speeding. Neither you nor someone else should be a victim.”

“For your safety, bear in mind that there are some wrongdoers - like drunk drivers- who exploit the festive season to rob you of your happiness. It’s your right to be safe and it’s our responsibility to ensure your safety. Report them to us and you will have saved a life or two”, he added.

Kabera warned bar and pub owners to not serve alcohol to children and people who are already drunk. 

“Pubs and bar owners, be part of the good cause of keeping our communities safe. This also goes to all premises where alcohol is served...”

In case of an emergency, toll free lines for the police are; all emergencies 112, traffic Accidents 113, ambulance services 912, fire Brigade 111, marine 110, and complaints against a police officer 3511.

The police also promised increased road safety, law enforcement and increased police presence.


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