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PM Ngirente sheds light on 2019-2020 Imihigo performance

Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente presenting the performance of local and central government entities in Imihigo of the year 2019-2020 on Friday, October 30. Courtesy

Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente on Friday, October 30, presented the performance of local and central government entities in Imihigo (performance contracts) for the year 2019-2020.

It was in a ceremony of signing Imihigo of the fiscal year 2020-2021 that was presided over by President Paul Kagame.


The event took place in Nyagatare District, Eastern Province, and was attended by leaders from different entities of the government.


In his presentation, the Premier pointed out that the criteria that were put into consideration while ranking the government entities include looking at whether the set Imihigo seek to solve problems of citizens, thanks to the advice of the President, he said.


He added that if a given performance contract was not attained at 100 per cent in a given entity, that performance contract has not been given any grade.

This only applies, he added, to performance contracts that can’t be useful unless they are fully completed. On this note, Ngirente gave examples of schools and hospitals among others.

Marks were also deducted from districts that did not achieve performance contracts related to citizens’ social welfare.

Among the achievements in the fiscal year 2019-2020, the country constructed over 8,717 houses for vulnerable families and a total of 223,000 jobs were created before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, which increased unemployed.

The created jobs had surpassed the annual target to create 214,000 new jobs under the country’s first National Strategic Transformation (NST1) that will end in 2024

Ngirente also noted that in the fiscal year 2019-2020, some134,363 new households were connected to electricity.

This increased the country’s level of electricity connection per household to 57.4 per cent, from 51 per cent of the previous year.

The grades at the top level

At the central government level, the economic transformational cluster was achieved at 70.91 per cent, while the social transformational cluster was attained at 56.32 per cent.

The other pillar which is the transformational governance cluster was achieved at 72.88 per cent.

On the provincial level, Eastern province ranked first with 73.7 per cent, followed by Southern Province that got 73.58 per cent.

The City of Kigali came third with 72.5 per cent. The Northern and Western Provinces got 61.2 per cent and 60.8 per cent respectively.

The general performance of the local governance in the recently ended fiscal year is 68.44 per cent.

Performance per district:

  • Nyaruguru District: 84 per cent
  • Huye District: 82.8 per cent
  • Rwamagana District: 82.4 per cent
  • Gisagara District: 78.3 per cent
  • Nyanza District: 77.9 per cent
  • Nyamasheke District: 77.4 per cent
  • Ngoma District: 77.3 per cent
  • Kicukiro District: 77.1 per cent
  • Gasabo District: 76.4 per cent
  • Kirehe District: 76.2 per cent
  • Kayonza District: 73.9 per cent
  • Kamonyi District: 73.6 per cent
  • Nyagatare District: 69.3 per cent
  • Gicumbi District: 68.7 per cent
  • Bugesera District: 68.5 per cent
  • Gatsibo District: 68.4 per cent
  • Ruhango District: 67.9 per cent
  • Rubavu District: 67.8 per cent
  • Burera District: 66 per cent
  • Nyamagabe District: 65 per cent
  • Rutsiro District: 64.6 per cent
  • Nyarugenge District: 62.6 per cent
  • Rulindo District: 62.3 per cent
  • Ngororero District: 61.5 per cent
  • Muhanga District: 58.7 per cent
  • Gakenke District: 55.9 per cent
  • Musanze District: 53.2 per cent
  • Nyabihu District: 52.9 per cent
  • Karongi District: 51.2 per cent
  • Rusizi District: 50 per cent

The focus of the newly signed 2020-2021 Imihigo

Prime Minister Ngirente highlighted that the newly signed Imihigo will focus on recovering the country’s economy that has been affected by Covid-19.

The performance contracts will also prioritize achieving good governance and improving citizens’ social welfare.

Ngirente said that Imihigo will be evaluated every year, and impact assessment in regards to how the performance contracts benefited citizens will be done every three years.

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