Owners of freight transporters commit to support road safety

Owners of heavy trucks have expressed commitment to ensuring that their drivers comply with traffic rules as part of the effort to promote road safety.

They also recommitted to ensure drivers work under proper conditions to prevent putting their investments and lives at risk.

The commitment was made on Monday as the national road safety campaign dubbed ‘Gerayo Amahoro’ entered its second week, with focus on heavy trucks.

Abdul Ndarubogoye, the chairperson of Rwanda Transporters Association (ATAR), during the campaign held at Magerwa, in Gikondo suburb, said the introduction of speed governors has significantly reduced accidents from freight transporters on Rwandan roads.

As a policy, cargo and passenger service vehicles are subjected to compulsory use of speed governor with maximum speed regulated at 60km/hr.

"The introduction of speed governor saved substantial economic losses, the rate of accidents is at the lowest level like never before," Ndarubogoye said.

Commissioner of Police, George Rumanzi, the Commissioner for Operations in Rwanda National Police, said that the 52-week campaign is aimed at reinforcing existing measures by educating all road users about safety standards to reduce road carnage.

“Drivers work long hours and don’t stop to rest, even if they are too tired to drive safely,” Rumanzi said.

He mentioned that transporters are at significant risks due to moving long distances and crossing countries, which have different road terrains and driving conditions.

Rumanzi told an audience of truck drivers and owners that though truck accidents are few on Rwandans roads, their impact are always fatal.

In most cases, trucks overturn after failing to negotiate corners due to speeding, fatigue leading to head-on collision with motorists from the opposite direction after overtaking in dangerous places.

"The role of the vehicle owners in reducing accidents cannot be overemphasised. Ensure that your drivers driver under good condition without stress," he said.

He said Police have highlighted the importance of road safety by focusing on aspects such as speed, fatigue, and drink-driving and use of phone during this campaign.

Similar campaigns were also conducted across all highways and other truck parking yards in different parts of the country.


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