Nyamirambo: Genesis of a Hustling Spirit

Kuri 40, one of the streets in Nyamirambo. (Nadege Imbabazi)

It is said that the only thing you will find hard to come across in Nyamirambo is …you guessed right, pork.

The statement points both to the neighborhood’s commercial vibrancy, and its social configuration, two aspects of this colorful neighborhood that seem to contribute in equal measure to its reputation.

Speaking of the former, Nyamirambo is that neck of the woods known to all for its thrift and resilience, its hustling and bustling spirit. It is at once Kigali’s vibrant undercurrent, and its mysterious magnet. Nyamirambo bears all the markings of a bustling African metropolis –well, perhaps without the same abundance of high-rise buildings.

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