New Mayor sets priorities for Kigali

The new Mayor of City of Kigali Pudence Rubingisa takes oath of office on Saturday. / Sam Ngendahimana

The new City of Kigali mayor, Pudence Rubingisa has said that his focus will be on public transport and green development.

Rubingisa was elected yesterday by Kigali City councillors as the new City Mayor, replacing Marie Chantal Rwakazina who was appointed Rwanda’s Ambassador to Switzerland last month.


In an election held at the City Hall in Kigali, Rubingisa won with 71 votes out of the 94 councillors who turned up, beating his opponent Rose Rutera who got 22.


He was a former Deputy Vice-Chancellor in charge of Finance at the University of Rwanda for four years and has served in other institutions like the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, as well as the City of Kigali itself where he worked on the Global Cities Project, a World Bank scheme.


He holds a master’s degree in finance and has currently been working with Intare Investments, a private company.

Speaking about the areas he will focus after swearing-in, Rubingisa said that he will build on the work his predecessors have done, putting emphasis on making public transport smoother, as well as carrying on with the strategy of building a green city.

“The contribution I want to make is continuing with the plan of building green, yet vibrant city that has entertainment for the different levels of people living in it,” he said.

“Still, public transport is also something I will seriously look into. The city of Kigali is home to many people, and an efficient public transport system is very important for everyday life”

Rubingisa also weighed in on keeping up with safety and cleanliness in the city, as well as boosting tourism –echoing an ambition to make Kigali a “regional tourism hub.”

“The city of Kigali has aspirations that are ambitious - but possible. We need speedy development and we know that it requires effort, zeal, and dedication, care, and togetherness.”

Among other new faces, Dr Ernest Nsabimana was elected the Vice Mayor of the City in charge of Urbanisation and Infrastructure, while Nadine Umutoni Gatsinzi was elected the Vice Mayor in charge of Socio-economic Affairs.

Nadine Umutoni Gatsinzi was elected the Vice Mayor of Kigali in Charge of Socio-economic Affairs. / Sam Ngendahimana

Ernest Nsabimana was elected the Vice Mayor of Kigali City in charge of urbanization and infrastructure. / Sam Ngendahimana

The new mayor of City of Kigali Pudence Rubingisa. / Sam Ngendahimana

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