Musanze headmistress murdered, husband on the run

Police in Musanze District are investigating circumstances under which a 43-year-old woman was allegedly killed by her husband.

The incident took place on Monday at around 8p.m at the family residence in Kimonyi Sector, Musanze in Northern Province.

Eustochie Ntakirutimana was found dead at her matrimonial home and according to the police, the prime suspect is believed to be her husband, Jean de Dieu Ndahayo, 44.

The couple was apparently embroiled in wrangles with the husband accusing his wife of being infertile.

“They had been married for last ten years and unfortunately they never had a child which could have led to conflicts,” said Chief Inspector of Police Alexis Rugigana, the police spokesperson for the northern region.

He said that the husband is believed to have moved in with a concubine in another area.

Rugigana, however, said the suspect fled after the incident, adding that police and other security organs had launched a manhunt for the suspect.

“With the collaboration with the public as usual, this suspect will be brought to account. Any information that may lead to his arrest should be shared without delay,” Rugigana said.

The deceased was headmistress of Groupe Scolaire Kabere, a public school in Musanze, while her husband is a businessman who deals in Irish potato trade.

The husband is also believed to be pursuing a master’s degree.

Speaking to The New Times, the executive secretary of Kimonyi Sector, Adelaide Nyiramahoro revealed that the suspect has previously left his matrimonial home to elope with the family’s house help whom he had impregnated.

“It is very unfortunate to see someone who’s literate involved in such acts,” he said, adding that the couple, probably because of their position in the community, had tried to hide their wrangles.

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