Mugesera authors book on how Rwanda failed to obtain revolution

Former Senator Mugesera (R) and Diogene Bideri, the Principle Legal Advisor at National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG), and other participants during the launch of his new book. Courtesy.

Rwanda was cursed by colonialists and revolutionists who wanted to abolish colonialism and install a liberal country that lacked unity, something that caused the country into a bad patch of repression which culminated into the 1994 genocide against the Tutsis, according to a new book by former Senator Antoine Mugesera.

The book titled “‘Rwanda 1959-1962, La Révolution Manquée” which is loosely translated as ‘Rwanda 1959-1962, The Failed Revolution” was launched on Friday at the Kigali Public Library in Kacyiru


The book has five main chapters that talk about the events that marked the end of the colonial period and the turbulent aftermath of the country’s independence. It also highlights the role that Belgians played in dividing Rwandans by creating identities and divisionism among through ethnic divisions.


King Mutara III Rudahigwa's efforts to to fend off colonialists are examined in the book which also shows his strengths and weakness and how he was unexpectedly killed.


“Rwandan leaders during that period in time were divided and couldn't unite the country. Abolishing colonialism was not the problem, leaders failed to promote concepts like the Ndi Umunyarwanda initiative,” the former senator and a researcher writes in his book.

“Had they had unity, they would have made the revolution possible and Rwandans would not have experienced a horrible period after colonialism and the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi,” he added

In the wake of Independence, he says there were various political parties and Hutus dominated the power. He added that Rwandans at the time should have ignored colonialists who had their own interests.

Participants react

Participants who witnessed the launch of the book said it was such an interesting book which talks about the bad history of the country and but also insisted that Rwandans would today feel relieved as they are living a better life thanks to the current leadership.

“I was still young but could see what was happening, Rwandans were disunited due to bad leadership and we had bad history which led to the 1994 genocide, this book tells it all. However today we can say there was a revolution thanks to the Rwanda Patriotic Front (FPR) that restored unity among Rwandans,” said Boniface Rucagu, a veteran politician.

The minister for sports and culture Julienne Uwacu said Rwandans lacked patriotic people to protect them during times when they were really in need of help.

“We needed someone to unify us because colonialists wanted to protect their own interests, it is in this period that we wanted someone to decide the future of Rwanda but we didnt get any and the results are clear,” she said

She hailed Mugesera for the new book describing it as a new library for the youth that would help them understand deeply Rwandan history.

The book was published by Izuba Editions and is available in different local libraries at Rwf7000.

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