Motorcyclists, Police launch road safety campaign

Moto-taxi operators take notes during the meeting in Kimironko, Gasabo District yesterday. A. Major.

Rwanda National Police, Special Guarantee Fund (SFG) and the Federation of Commercial Motorcyclists (known by its French acronym, FERWACOTAMO, have launched a series of a joint road safety education campaign, focusing on behavioural change and proper road usage among taxi-moto operators.

Speaking at the launch of the campaign yesterday, Senior Superintendent of Police Jean-Marie Vianney Ndushabandi, the Spokesperson for Traffic and Road Safety Department, said that motorcycles remain the leading cause of road accidents in the Rwanda.

“Thirty-five people have died on motorcycles between January and March this year due to careless and deadly manoeuvres, alcohol abuse and speeding,” Ndushabandi said.

He said that other taxi-moto riders have resorted to the use of energy enhancing substances and illicit drugs, which affects their judgment while riding.

“The aim of this education campaign is to build a robust capability of riders, change their behaviours to counter and eliminate the menace of road safety regulation violations,” Ndushabandi noted.

“I urge all of you to adhere to road safety standards because by not doing so, you will be endangering your lives and those of other road users.”

Joseph Nzabonankuze, the Director General of the Special Guarantee Fund, noted that some motorcyclists continue to operate without insurance cover which has caused “untold suffering” to their families after accidents.

Nzabonankuze explained that, last year, they received 190 claims for compensation, whereby 99 were motorcycles that were not insured.

“The road transport sector is considered one of the most important sectors to growth and development of the country, not only does it play a significant role in the movement of goods and persons, but also in economic terms such as source of wealth creation and employment,” Nzabonankuze added.

The Cabinet early this month, approved the motorcycle transport strategy.

Daniel Ngaramba, the president of FERWACOTAMO, said that there are about 6,000 commercial motorcyclists in the City of Kigali alone, and that all of them will go through this training and acquire certificate.



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