More neigbhourhoods in Kigali put under lockdown

One of the six villages of Kigali City that were put on lockdown last month in Kigali has been allowed to go back to normal life, while 3 more have been added on the lockdown list.

The Ministry of Local Government (Minaloc) announced this on Monday night, a development which means that there is currently a total of 8 villages in the city that are on lockdown as Rwanda continues with measures to curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.


The lockdown on Kadobogo village in Kigali sector in Nyarugenge district will be lifted from Thursday, July 21, while Tetero, Indamutsa and Intiganda villages all found in Tetero cell, Muhima sector in Nyarugenge district have been put on lockdown for at least 15 days.


According to a statement from the Local Governments Ministry, the lifting of Kadobogo out of the lockdown was based on an analysis done by medical institutions concerning the Covid-19 pandemic in the area.


The 3 newly locked down villages join other 3 that were already and they include; Kamabuye, Nyenyeri, Rugano and Zuba villages located in Nyarurama cell, Kigarama Sector in Kicukiro District; plus, Gisenga village located in Kigali Cell of Kigali Sector, Nyarugenge District.

These, according to the Local Government ministry will continue in lockdown, until when it will be observed that there are no more Covid-19 in these communities.

“The citizens of the villages on lockdown are requested to continue respecting the guidelines,” the statement read.

“Local authorities and security authorities are asked to follow-up on the implementation of these guidelines. People living in Rwanda are requested to continue respecting the guidelines of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic as issued by health institutions,” it continued.

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