Local event company repurposes operations to groceries delivery

RG-Consult has tapped into the popularity of Kimironko Market in Gasabo District a popular fresh produce market in Kigali. / Courtesy.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, RG-Consult Inc was synonymous for live events in Kigali with the monthly Jazz Junction concerts hosting local, regional and international artists.

However, when the pandemic struck, the local events scene was one of the most severely affected with physical concerts halted all together, something that affected the survival chances of RG-Consult and their staff.


While some concert organizers and entertainers are turning to virtual concerts, their economic viability and revenue generation ability is still yet to be proven.


The firm has since diversified and repurposed their operations and has established an online grocery market www.kimironkomarket.rw.


The firm tapped into the popularity of Kimironko Market in Gasabo District which is arguably Kigali’s most popular Grocery market frequented for fresh groceries.

The company has eased clients’ grocery shopping by enabling home delivery of fresh groceries at relatively competitive prices made possible by volume sourcing of the groceries and household consumables.

The transition has seen Remmygious Lubega, RG-Consult’s Founder and Managing Director trade the microphone and event spotlight for fresh market produce a change he says is a test in finding solutions in response to the pandemic.

“The new normal has put us to test on finding solutions that are absolutely in line with the guidelines of observing social distancing and using cashless transactions while going about business,” he said.

While previously most of his conversations with his clients were mostly about the next international act he would be hosting at his monthly concert, now, he says conversations are often characterized by affordability of fresh produce and consumables.

The firm has previous e-commerce experience gained from online retail and delivery of concert tickets which gave them necessary experience for the transition.

The firm’s business approach is also working to create shared value by working with an estimated 2500 women and youth in sourcing fresh produce and other consumables.

“We are in the business of bringing over 2,500 women and youth in this market to get their products to the consumers, and also linking the thousands of women and youth in the agricultural sector to find a market for their products, not leaving out youth that are doing the deliveries,” he said.

The firm has sought to distinguish itself in the local market by creating packages of consumables sought from groceries by creating packages of various products sold.

This includes packages such as vegetable packages, fruit packages and others that include a range of consumables such as meat, fresh vegetables, cereals, vegetable oil and spices among others.

“We bring a great specific into the e-commerce trend of creating a full grocery store that supports the local stakeholders,” he said.

The firm also makes it possible for members of the public to purchase fresh produce for vulnerable community members.

The firm allows multiple models of payments and also has refund and replacement policies for clients who are not content with the delivery.

“Today our web platform is getting the Diaspora on board enabling them to buy foodstuff for their loved ones in Rwanda. We come to give a wider menu for customers,” he said.

The firm enters the Rwandan e-commerce sector which has grown increasingly popular in recent months as members of the public are urged to avoid unnecessary movements and crowded locations. There are over 15 e-commerce players in the local eco-system.


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