Lancet, Cerba HealthCare deal to reduce cost of laboratory services

Dr Ahmed Kalebi, Group Managing Director and CEO the Lancet Group of Laboratories.File

Lancet Laboratories and French Cerba HealthCare have formed a joint venture in a move that has raised expectations that the cost of laboratory services in Rwanda will significantly drop.

Lancet Laboratories, operates in Rwanda and 14 other African countries.

In Rwanda, it is considered to be one of the leading providers of ultra-modern laboratory services.

Dr Ahmed Kalebi, Group Managing Director and CEO the Lancet Group of Laboratories in East Africa, said that through the newly-formed Cerba Lancet Africa, the partnership will serve millions of health professionals and patients across Africa.

“The entry of Cerba Healthcare from Europe with their extensive experience of operating as an international corporate business brings on board new expected efficiencies, which together with their significant financial muscle, will enhance our operations, strengthen our reach and diversify our service offerings across the region,” Kalebi said in a press release.

Cerba Lancet Africa will now manage a network of more than 100 laboratories previously owned by Lancet across in 11 African countries including Rwanda.

The labs boost of over 1,400 employees serving more than 1.3 million patients a year and generating over €40 million (Rwf42 billion) in turnover in 2018.

This development makes Cerba Lancet Africa one of the leading providers of specialised medical laboratory services in sub-Saharan Africa,

The deal is expected to help Lancet Group of Laboratories to tap into the continent’s French-speaking sub-Saharan African countries where it didn’t have significant presence.

The joint venture covers operations in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Lancet’s brand will be retained in all countries where Lancet Group of Laboratories are already operating, including in Rwanda where it is incorporated as Lancet Laboratories Rwanda.