How a local drone company is inspiring youth into technology

When Arlette Iribagiza graduated three years ago, she was aware of how uncertain the job market was but only hoped that things would work out differently for her.

She had been searching for a job in her domain but all her efforts yielded nothing.


As an Information Systems and Management graduate, her passion was in technology. It was only early this year when she secured an opportunity with CHARIS Unmanned Aerial Solutions, a drone company.


The company was to provide her with free training that would help her become a certified drone pilot and later retain her as an employee.


“Accessing this training was a rare opportunity and I have learnt a lot. I am soon completing my training and can’t wait to fully be a certified pilot, my dream is to play a role in the development of my country through technology,” the 25 year-old says.

She hopes to become a drone expert and also calls upon the youth, especially girls, to embrace the field. Being part of such a team, for her, is a dream come true.

“I wanted to be one of the women who flies drones. This is a field I want to continue with and as long as I do something I love, it helps me learn more. I hope I become a source of inspiration for other girls to join this field.”

Mammy Ingabire Muziga, the Managing Director of CHARIS Unmanned Aerial Solutions, says drone technology as an industry in general is growing all over the world hence there was so much potential and opportunities, that is why their aim is to build capacity for the youth in this industry.

This being new technology, instead of bringing in experts from abroad to do the work, they decided to share skills with the youth and after provide them with employment.

She says there is so much potential in the industry that can be built in helping other sectors. 

“As a growing company with a big vision to provide technological solutions all over Africa, this is a great opportunity for us to contribute to building the capacity of our youth in ICT, in new technology like this one and also create jobs for them,” she adds.

From over a hundred applications they received for the training, the top five applicants were selected.

24-year-old Alex Mucyeza another of the applicants who was selected ,says he has always wanted to be a pilot his whole life and he is thankful he now has the opportunity.

“Drones are skyrocketing everywhere in the world, actually I am happy that now it is in Rwanda because we have been seeing it in other countries. I feel proud that I was among those who were selected to be a part of this team.”

Nobert Kwizera says his love for drones developed when he was still at University and that being part of this team is a chance to do something he loves.

He commends the efforts of CHARIS as a company for being a source of inspiration for the youth in the field of technology.

“Drone technology is an important field because it complements other sectors such as mining.”


CHARIS is the first unmanned Aerial vehicles company in Rwanda. They provide diversified services in UAV industries. These include UAS consulting, UAV building and system integration, pilot and safety training, maintenance of UAVs among other services.

They also provide services in land mapping, crop monitoring, aerial surveys in construction and high quality footage.

Muziga says their vision is to grow the company into a regional level.For us it’s more of building solutions and at the same time building the capacity of our people. That is why it is going to be a long term thing,” he concluded.


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