Green Party campaigns in Huye, vows to revamp city

Green Party: We will push for the revamp of Huye District and make the city an exemplary one, nobody would want it to become a dead city.
Green Party officials while campaiging in Huye, Southern Province on Sunday. The party has vowed to revamp Huye town once elected into parliament. Courtesy.

The Democratic Green Party of Rwanda has pledged to push for a revamp of Huye city as one of the country’s secondary cities and to promote quality education for all to ensure improved welfare of all Rwandans.

Green Party was on Sunday campaigning in Huye and Nyamagabe districts in Southern Province ahead of the parliamentary elections slated for September 2-4.


“We will push for the revamp of Huye District and make the city an exemplary one, nobody would want it to become a dead city,” said Frank Habineza, the party president told voters in Hute.


“We will make Huye campus (of the University of Rwanda) more robust than it is, some of its infrastructure lie idle and this affects development of not only the city but also residents around it, including yourselves,” added Habineza, who is also among the candidates of Green Party. 


He said that, once in parliament, he would advocate to have the main headquarters of public institutions that used to be based in Huye, such as the institute of museums and others, brought back to Huye.

In Nyamagabe, Green Party pledged to advocate for laws geared toward promotion of social welfare, quality education as well as protecting environment.

Jean-Claude Ntezimana, the secretary general of the party and a candidate, said they would promote bottom-up approach to leadership by promoting more citizen participation in decision making.

“We will also advocate for laws that seek to release from prison old people who are above 70 years. How can you correct someone who is above 70, what can such a person do to society? We will establish laws that allow old people to be released,” he said.

He added that to ensure national security, surveillance cameras will be installed in various areas where the enemy can use to pause security threats, especially at border points.

Party members said they will work on teacher and student’s welfare.

They said that, once in parliament, the party would advocate for laws that allow children below one year to get free treatment using Mutuelle de Sante of their parents.

Green Party has fronted 32 candidates for parliamentary elections.

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