First US presidential debate to be held next week

The first debate between US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, will take place next week on September 29, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio state.

The two candidates are fighting to convince Americans to vote for them in the November election.


The first debate will focus on the two presidents’ records in office, the Supreme Court vacancy, Covid-19, the economy, integrity of the election, as well as race and violence.


All these are seen as critical issues in American society and are likely to determine who the public will have confidence to lead the United States in the next four-year term.


The US has been characterized by racial tensions and violence for a long time, which have escalated in the recent past with police shootings of black Americans, including George Floyd, which sparked global protests.

The country has also been hit hard with the Covid-19 pandemic, which has claimed millions of lives than any other country in the world.

The US is currently facing a great test after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, which has drawn debate among Republicans and Democrats over when to replace her.

Biden, who is running with Kamala Harris as her Vice President, is accusing Trump of rewarding wealth instead of work, and vows to restore jobs and economic recovery for working families, fight racial inequality, sustain infrastructure and clean energy, as well as fix education.

“We need to rebuild the middle class, and this time make sure everybody comes along — regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability,” Biden argues on his website.

Biden has taken a different approach, insisting that he will support and promote the American middle class, which he has over and over, said is not a number but a set of values.

“Owning your home. Sending your kids to college. Being able to save and get ahead. Across the country, too many families are being left behind,” he proclaims on his campaign website.

“The next president needs to understand what the current one doesn’t: In America, no matter where you start in life, there should be no limit to what you can achieve,” he adds.


President Trump who has been at the helm of the country’s leadership for the last four years is seeking another term.

Trump says during his tenure, Congress passed historic tax cuts and relief for hard-working Americans.

The first major tax reform was signed in 30 years, he provided tax relief for 82 per cent of middle-class families, and Repealed Obamacare even though received criticisms.

U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth has topped 3 per cent in four quarters under his administration: 2.9 per cent GDP growth in 2018, and 3.1 per cent growth in the first quarter of 2019.

But Trump has highly been criticized for poor management of the outbreak, which has killed thousands of Americans, and he has shifted blame on China, calling the virus the “China Virus”.

The incumbent president has struggled to restore relations with other countries, often seen at crossroads with China over trade disputes, and blocking the work of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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