FEATURED: Trust Industries upgrades production to promote ‘Made-in-Rwanda’

Trust Industries is set to give its competitors -that include mostly foreign brands- a run for their money after completing installation works on what is now a fully-fledged bar soap semi-automated production line at the Kanzenze, Nyamata, based plant.

Since diversifying into manufacturing in 2012, the company has been importing a number of raw materials from Europe and Asia. However, with this installation, the entire production will now be done in-house thereby boosting quality and efficiency.


According to Trust Industries’ General Manager Michael Wayumbi: “The installation gives the plant a big face lift because we now don’t have to worry about delays in shipments and inconsistencies in the quality of the raw materials.”


Wayumbi said this during the launch of ‘Shashagirana’, the company’s new consumer promotion that is aimed at promoting ‘Made-In-Rwanda’ products while fending off competition from foreign brands. ‘Shashagirana’ is basically a Kinyarwanda word loosely translates to ‘Shine, Be extremely clean, and walk with pride.’


With the Shashagirana promotion (which runs for three months) winners will have to buy ‘Clear’ blue soap and could easily win from an assortment of prizes.

Established in 2009 as a small trading company, Trust Industries has since diversified into manufacturing and since 2012, the company has steadily grown as a major player in the industry.

Commenting on the plant’s steady progress, Trust Industries Chief Executive Claver Mugabo said: “Our progress has been made possible by the favourable business environment in Rwanda and strong support from the government and other stakeholders. We believe in three pillars that include promoting quality ‘Made-In-Rwanda’ products, creating job opportunities for Rwandans while building the economy.”

Sitting on 50,000m² of land, employing over 300 staff and boasting of a product portfolio of over 28 products (paper tissues, bar soap and detergents), Trust Industries is one of the leading producers of household products in Rwanda and its target now is to assert its footprint beyond Rwanda.

“We have come this far because we do not comprise on quality and we intend to continue doing that. We shall continue to deliver on our strategy of producing high quality products at fairly affordable prices for all our Rwandan and East African customers,” Mugabo added.

Trust Industries is a locally built (Rwandan) manufacturing company, producing a wide variety of hygiene products for domestic use as well as institutions. Trust Industries is owned by private individuals in partnership with the Development bank of Rwanda (BRD).

Our product range

Trust Industries has a product portfolio 28 different products in 3 major categories. These categories include: - Paper tissues (toilet paper, and serviettes) - Bar soap - Detergents

The company produces paper tissues from recycled paper. Other products include facial tissues, kitchen and medical towels. We do also manufacture liquid soap, hand wash, laundry cleaner, toilet cleaner, glass cleaner and disinfectants.

Trust Industries’ fastest moving products are blue bar soap, toilet paper from recycled papers and serviettes. This is mainly because we offer very good quality at the best prices the market has to offer.

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