FEATURED: Skol Lager gets new look

Skol Brewery Ltd on Friday unveiled a new look for one its beer brands, Skol Lager, following a partnership with local comedy outfit, Comedy Knights, in a new campaign.

The new look was unveiled at Plus 250 Bar in Kicukiro where the launch of a partnership with Comedy Knights was also announced to the press and a few members of the public.

“We are very excited about partnering Skol Lager with the Comedy Knights team and with the opportunity to help grow the comedy scene in Rwanda. We want to help people see the lighter side of life while enjoying the high-quality beer, with no added sugar,’’ Ivan Wulffaert, the Skol Brewery CEO said.

The new campaign dubbed #Live-Laugh-Lager is to enable people to have a good time while hanging out with their friends as it has gotten a touch of comedy and humour added to the drinking experience.

The campaign encourages Skol lovers to share their jokes. The best joke will be put on the packaging of the Skol Lager bottle while radio session where the public hares jokes will be booked to help support the upcoming comedy circuit in Rwanda.

Comedy Knights will also hold live stand-up comedy in a number of bars in Kigali in order to showcase local talent and also provide an avenue for beer lovers to share their jokes during an open mic session.

The live comedy nights will include a Skol Lager #Live-Laugh-Lager comedy festival with a famous international comedian supported by local Rwandan talent on a date that will be communicated later on.

Emilienne Benurugo, the Brand Manager for Skol Lager, expressed her delight for the partnership with Comedy Knights.

“We aim to help our Skol lager drinkers regularly have a great laugh with their friends to distress and not take life too seriously,’’ she said. “We think we can capture this moment with our slogan, live-laugh-lager.’’

Babu Joe, a member of Comedy Knights, said that the partnership offered a big platform for not only Comedy Knights but for the entire comedy industry in Rwanda because the moment such partnerships begin coming in, then the industry is slowing gaining momentum.

“I appreciate the fact that we were chosen to partner with Skol Lager and we promise our fans and all comedy lovers to be on the lookout for the bars the Live-Laugh-Lager campaign will be next,’’ he said shortly after the press conference.

The night was crowned by free beers courtesy of Skol and nyama choma, a comedy show from the Comedy Knights and live band music. 

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