[FEATURED] Onomo Hotel: Making dining in Kigali a worthwhile experience

The magnificent hotel may be one of the youngest in the hospitality sector, but in terms of quality of service, The Onomo Hotel Restaurant Bar and Terrace is right at the top.

The management has taken full advantage of the scenic views enjoyed from the Hotel’s strategic location by offering revelers memorable dining experiences.


The Executive Chef, Blessing Kamombe, the hotel gives priority to healthy dining with a wide selection of cuisines to cater to both local and international palates.


They source their ingredients from organic farmers and with their secret recipes, the dining experiences are always distinct.


One of the most famous evenings is Friday evening barbecues. The mouth-watering roasts are served from 6 – 10 p.m. and in addition to the revered Kigali-by-night, there is a band to keep music in your ears.

If you are planning on a long night out, there is no better way than to start the evening with great food, sights, and sounds.  

Due to popular demand, the BBQ is also served on the last Saturday of the month. After sweating it out during Umuganda, revelers can wind down the month with the tasty choma off the grills.

You can enjoy the BBQ without the worry of raking up the bills. With just Rwf 12,000 it is all you can eat. Yes, all you can eat.

“We believe this is something affordable, we want our guests to eat until they are filled to the brim,’’ Kamombe, the Executive Chef says.

The Hotel also offers a wide range of meals from it is extensive menu whether it is breakfast or any other time of day.

Kamumba further says that they shuffle the menu on a regular visitors to the repeat clients always find something exciting and different to enjoy.

“We always make changes in the menu and this is done so as our clients do not get used to the same type of food,” he says.

For more information please visit the Onomo Hotel Website and for reservations, you can call +250252554700 or email: reservations.kigali@onomohotel.com.

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