FEATURED: Lucky winners ride away as Shashagirana campaign comes to an end

Winners of Shashagirana pose with their prizes during the closing ceremony at Trust Industries head quarters last Friday.

Sibomana jean danced and thumped the air with his fist as he approached the podium with the decorated motorcycle.

He could not conceal his delight as he was handed the keys to his new machine by David Kamanda the head of commercials at Trust Industries.


Sitting on the bike, he sang with joy a famous lyric and waved to the crowd and with emotions narrated how he had become the lucky winner of the motorcycle through the Shashagirana promotion.


The lucky winner got his chance after buying a piece of soap at a small retail shop close to his home and little did he know that I would win.


The CEO of Trust Industries Mugambo Clever handing over the motorcycle keys to Sibomana on Friday.

“It was by God’s grace that I am the lucky winner of this motorcycle because when you are destined to win you win. I went to this shop to buy soap to wash my shoes and the piece that they gave me was this blue soap from Trust industries which I refused. However I took it because the shop attendant convinced me that it was one of the best products and that there was even a chance of winning something from the manufacturers” explained Sibomana

This was during the closing ceremony of the Shashagirana promotion that took place on Friday 30th August 31, 2018 where while giving his remarks, the CEO Mugambo Clever thanked the staff of Trust Industries who worked hard to see that Shashagirana become a success.

"Though the campaign ends today, the tombola is still on going and there are still many prizes to be won by users of Trust Industries’ products. I thank my staff for making the promotion a success but more thanks go to the consumers for buying the Clear brand and the press for supporting the campaign” said Mugambo

Ngedayimana jean pierrie was among the lucky winners who walked away eight bicycles. 
"It was not the first time I was using the blue soap from trust industries. However was using it without knowing that am going to win. I discovered the chip and i was amazed that I had won" says Ngedayimana:

While handing over the second bicycle to Kirenzi Godance the lucky winner, David Kamanda said that this is not the end of the campaign and that all they wanted to do was create awareness of the their brand and products that are competitive on the Rwandan market.

David Kamanda head of commercials at Trust Industries   tells about the Shashagirana campaign.

“The promotion to us was a success and though our sales have more than doubled, all we wanted was creating awareness of our made in Rwanda products” Kamanda said.

He also advised the consumers to continue buying the blue bar soap as there are many prizes to be won like phones, radios, t- shirts, caps, bicycle, umbrellas and motor bikes.

 " I heard on radio that there are prizes to be won from using the blue soap from Trust industries and I immediately started using  it and mow here I am with my brand new bicycle” Kirezi narrated.
Bigirimana Protégé who danced with joy during the ceremony
won a bicycle twice. One on his own and another time is when he sent home four bars of soap to his sick mother.

"People out there should know that one can win as many times as possible through constant usage. At home they used the soap and towards the end of the third bar, they found a chip with a bicycle shape on it” said Bigirimana
Guest were entertained by dancers during the handover ceremony.

In order to reach its target market and to communicate the message on Shashagirana, Trust Industries has been organizing Road Shows countrywide.

The campaign has been running for three months and many consumers who bought the ‘Clear’ blue soap have been winning an assortment of prizes.

The company has participated in 15 Road Shows countrywide and was able to reach consumers in their localities telling them to buy and use the Clear Bar Soap in order to promote ‘Made-In-Rwanda’ products while fending off competition from foreign brands.

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