FEATURED: KT Rwanda Networks introduces ‘unlimited’ 4G internet for smartphones

If you are a smartphone user and you are based in Rwanda, you can now subscribe to ‘unlimited’ 4G internet, which is more reliable thanks to Korea Telecom Rwanda Networks (KTRN).

KTRN, the wholesaler of fourth-generation long-term evolution (4G LTE), just launched ‘unlimited’ 4G services for smartphones users, following a milestone reached last year of extending 4G access network to 96 per cent of the population.


According to the company, there has been varied packages and plans launched earlier, but the ‘unlimited plans’ are unique in a sense that users will not worry about data getting exhausted or speed being limited at some points within validity period.


With the new packages, smartphones users are now allowed to have unlimited long-term evolution (LTE) internet, no capping of speed or volume, and there will be varied quality of experience depending on the price of streaming or tethering.


KTRN has introduced three different products categories; basic category which is meant to accommodate low income people that need to access moderate internet which cost between Rwf 5000 and Rwf 6000 per month, standard plans as well as premium plans.

Daeheak AN (Aaron), KTRN’s Chief Executive Officer believe internet has already become a staple of life.

“All-time-access to the internet for affordable price would trigger another innovation in people’s daily lives and new business opportunities to many start-ups moving forward,” he said.

Truth is, smartphones are becoming useful devices beyond just receiving calls and chats, to include an extension of office’s work and a platform to perform business transactions in the modern digital world.

Meanwhile, the new unlimited packages are now available from most of the 4G retailers, mainly Internet Service providers (ISP), and are open for all new as well as existing subscribers with 4G enabled smartphones.

Netpro, ISCOISP, PIRAMIE, Simba, GMAX, BKTecHouse, Mango telecom, Popconn, Fastnet, Truconnect, Netlink, 4NetAfrica, TNSP, RTN, Smart broadband and CBNET are some of the retailers that are already selling these packages.

The launched packages, however, shall not replace other existing products and plans but rather change the way users engage with mobile broadband in their daily business and social life.

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