FEATURED: DSPA Rwanda makes big strides in fire and security systems

The staff of DSPA pose for a group photo with their CEO (extreme left) last Friday. / James Peter Nkurunziza

As technology continues to improve all aspects of our lives, it has also been used to enhance the security of our homes, workplaces and other public facilities such as hotels, banks, hospitals, supermarkets, and schools.

In an interview with The New Times, John Gatebera, CEO DSPA Rwanda, emphasized the importance of improving security measures in and around where we work and stay to protect lives and property. ‘’There is a need to always secure our premises because if we don’t theft and fire outbreaks cannot be avoided,’’ he said.

DSPA Rwanda has been in this business for 3 years, having started in 2016 in Rwanda, but has been able to open different branches in East African Countries, the company extent its services in  Ethiopia, Sudan, Angola, Gabon and  Congo before the end of 2019

DSPA provides high technology security equipment and offers installation for its customers. Some of the equipment include surveillance cameras, fire alarms, control alarms, CCTV cameras, access control and the DSPA fire suppression system which comes in different forms, automatic and manual operated DSPA.

Gatebera clearly explains how it is used. He says that when using this DSPA to put out a fire, one only needs to stand a reasonable distance away from the fire, pull the pin then throw the DSPA 5 into the fire. Once it falls into the fire it will expand volumetrically and be able to suppress it thus mitigating the damage that would be caused.

The automatic fire fighting system will require experts from DSPA to come to your premises be it home, office, bank, hotel, Telecommunication Company, hospital, among others, and take measurements and calculations. Software will then be used to determine the quantity and the type of equipment to be used such as control panels, DSPA, smoke detectors, sounders and others.

He further explained that the most important aspect of their system is that it can directly communicate to you because it can be controlled on your phone so one can easily be at work and be able to know what is happening at home and vice versa.

DSPA is currently implementing Integration of fire and security. For example, the CCTV camera is linked to access control,fire alarm, fire suppression,airconditioning system etc.In many places these systems operates as standalone system and therefore reducing the efficiency and raising the cost to the companies.

The company has been able to extend its services to a significant number of government institutions, UN agencies and  private facilities because their services are very reliable and cost effective. Gatebera said that all the services provided by DSPA are of extremely good quality and don’t cost a lot of money.  ‘’Our services here are generally cheaper and cost effective and therefore affordable’’ he stated.

In a bid to improve the quality of services provided at DSPA and also enhance skills for different stakeholders in the sector; a weeklong training has been carried out at the company’s premises in order to educate all the company staff, engineers, architects and students invited from technical schools in the new innovation of having all components of the security system linked to one control panel.

Rugamba Abel a student from SOS Technical High School noted that the weeklong training has been of great importance to him as it has helped improve his skills in camera installation, linking all the different gadgets in the security system to one screen where they can all be monitored at the same time.