FEATURED: Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol: A new firefighting technology

John, Gatebera, the CEO of DSPA Rwanda Ltd (Courtesy)

Last week, at the offices of one of the UN agencies in Kigali, a fire incident was reported in the building used by the body’s logistics department where it gutted the electricity circuit board unit.

The incident was triggered by the continuous intermittent heat and sparks produced by the main circuit board due to the change-over system that was over heating hence busting into fumes and rendering the fire detection system censoring the fire hazard and automatically released the aerosol.

Simultaneously, the strobe light and fire alarm went off and this prompted emergency evacuation of all staff occupying the building and immediately staff notified the National Police’s fire brigade department to take immediate action and DSPA Operations Office was also called for intervention.

Arriving at the fire scene, the entire area was covered by white fog the fire was already suppressed and put off by the DSPA automatic fire suppression system devices that were installed in the building and instantly extinguished fire using aerosol technology.

This new technology system that saved employees’ lives and properties was installed in the UN Women premises by DSPA (Dry Sprinkler Powder Aerosol) Rwanda Ltd, a company specialized in dealing with security and fire consultancy and protection in Rwanda.

With this fire suppression system, no injuries or death were reported from the fire scene and the properties remained intact thanks to the quick fire response made by the new system’s firefighting devices that were installed the building.

“This was the first incident that was witnessed since the installation of DSPA fire suppression systems. We are happy the system played its role successfully avoiding the danger happening in the premises,” said John Gatebera, the Chief Executive Officer of DSPA Rwanda Ltd.

DSPA Rwanda Ltd is a private company and official authorized distributor of DSPA products manufactured by DSPA B.V a leading manufacturer of fire suppression system based in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

In Rwanda, the company deals with security management consultancy, supply and installation of all security systems as well as DSPA fire Suppression System to ensure property protection for individuals, private companies, government institutions as well as UN Agencies in Rwanda.

It also conducts security audits, fire risk assessment, carry out fire safety planning, Security architectural designing for the bigger buildings and provide in-house training of staff, among many more services.

“These services can be offered at the organizational level and at domestic unit. We would advise more companies, institutions and individuals to embrace this fire security system because it can give them guaranty of keeping their properties safe as long as the systems are installed in their buildings,” he said.

However, Gatebera says, having the system installed in companies’ buildings does not mean that they won’t need to call the fire brigade for assistance once the incident happens but at least the system can help in  resisting  the fire from escalating into other areas or even suppress it completely before the fire brigade arrives.

“We work in collaboration with the government to create a Public Private Partnership as a way of contribution to the reduction of fire cases reported in different parts of the country,” he said.

DSPA provides fire suppression services with either manual or automatic fire suppression system or even both depending on the customer’s preferences.

DSPA manual system, also known as DSPA-5, acts as a professional intervention tool for first responders, due to the fact that it is small, light and can quickly be deployed by the user.

You only need to throw the DSPA manual gadget at the fire scene, through an open space, a window slot or any improvised access only to activate the aerosol and suppress the fire.

These can be used by government institutions, factories, commercial buildings, banks telecom companies and residential houses, among many places.

The DSPA automatic fire suppression system are mostly installed in sensitive closed  areas e.g. in the telecom companies, banks, factories and other premises’ critical areas like server rooms, archives, generator room, electrical cabinets, switch boards, UPS rooms, racks and motor compartments among others.

It is made with special technology that it instantly notifies the user, either by email or message that a fire incident is happening at the premise.

During the past two years of operations in Rwanda, the company has secured contracts to supply the same services in different companies including Rwanda Revenue Authority, National Bank of Rwanda, MTN Rwanda, I&M Bank, Real Contractors, Kigali Heights building, Rwanda Foam, Epic Hotel Nyagatare and UN Agencies in Rwanda, among others.

“We initiated our operations in Rwanda because we are proud to contribute to the rapid development of our country in terms of safety, security, and protection of human lives and people’s properties,” Gatebera said.

The advantage of both suppression systems are made with an advanced technological system in firefighting that they have rapid response to fire suppression, and are non-toxic to humans and animals in general, and eco-friendly solution.

The system is also environment friendly because their substances cannot harm the Ozone layer.

Once the customer agrees to use the system, DSPA brings the system, install it in the building, do the programming, commissioning of the installed system and train the customer to operate the system, Once the fire incident happens, The Company gives one year warranty, during which DSPA does servicing and maintenance, and even replace spare parts free of charge during warranty period.

The DSPA gadgets have a shelf life of 15 years. During that period, the client is not supposed to replace or incur any cost as far as the DSPA gadget is concerned. If it is not discharged or damaged, it will be there for 15 years.

Gatebera, who is also in charge of DSPA companies in the region, says the system itself is less costly while it also has lower installation cost.

“The system is affordable and the cost of fire security services by DSPA vary depending on either volume of a place for automatic DSPA system or the number of manual system devices that a customer needs,” he said

With over 60 corporate companies and individuals currently using DSPA fire security services, the firm is looking to expanding its services in different parts of Africa. Apart from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania where it is currently established, DSPA will be established in Ethiopia, Sudan, Angola, Zambia, Congo and Gabon by June 2019.

As the government of Rwanda targets 100 per cent coverage of electricity by 2024, DSPA is also looking to expand its services nationwide to give customers alternative to protect their properties from fire Hazards.