FEATURED: Canal+ introduces new affordable bouquets

Canal+ on Wednesday, June 24 introduced four new affordable bouquets to help Rwandans enjoy plenty of channels at a lower cost.

The new bouquets have a uniqueness of Rwandan names, which according to Canal+ is because these packages apply to Rwanda only and that the names will be more convenient for clients when buying subscriptions.


They include “Ikaze” that costs Rwf 5,000 as monthly subscription, “Zamuka” that costs Rwf10, 000, “Zamuka na Siporo” which goes for Rwf20, 000 and “Ubuki” bouquet worth Rwf30, 000 and has all channels.


Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Augustin Muhirwa, the Managing Director of Tele10 Group that represents Canal+ in Rwanda explained that the change of subscription packages was based only on clients’ opinions.


“We changed these bouquets based on a survey we did, revealing the wishes of our clients. Many of our clients wanted among others to get cheaper monthly packages, with diverse languages and having local channels and that’s what we brought onboard.”

The four bouquets will be having channels in French, English and Kinyarwanda languages.

All packages will also have, by default, 60 African television channels, 50 African radios and 9 local channels- that are expected to boost local content visibility on the globe.

Formerly, the digital service provider had 5 bouquets and the cheapest was Rwf7, 500.


Alain Tuyishime, the Sales Director of Canal+ at Tele 10 Group said the new bouquets have channels that are convenient to everyone.

He said: “Different from the previous ones, the new bouquets are inclusive and have not only sports channels but also others for cinema and cartoons among others, which we think will be suitable for family members that have different preferences.”

For those who have not yet exhausted their monthly subscription, they will still watch channels they subscribed for, he added.

Tuyishime also noted that for one to enjoy these packages, he or she must have the HD Decoder that now costs Rwf10, 000 accompanied with a dish and accessories, down from Rwf15, 000.

Canal+ currently operates in over 75 African countries of Africa, Asia and Europe.

Rwanda is so far the first African with many local channels on Canal+, more than Ivory Coast which ranks top in African countries with many subscribers of Canal+.


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