FEATURED: BBOXX celebrates 80,000 Electrified Households

The lucky 80,000th customer Xavier Kaziyabagabo poses with his 24’ TV shortly after the awarding ceremony. (All photos by Craish Bahizi)

A few weeks after the launch of BBOXX Cook, a system that enables one to have full access to a gas cylinder at a pocket-friendly price, the utility company on Saturday afternoon celebrated electrifying 80,000 households countrywide in a tournament dubbed “BBOXX Customer Cup 2019.”

The tournament that is held once every year began last month where BBOXX East eliminated the combined team of BBOXX South&West 2-0 while BBOXX Kigali beat BBOXX North 6-1. The result set the stage for the finals between BBOXX Kigali and BBOXX East as well as celebrations to close the tournament and reward the 80,000th client, Xavier Kaziyabagabo.


The rewarding took place after a football match at the football pitch of IPRC-Kigali in Kicukiro District in which the team from Eastern Province won the game 2-0 and walk away with a trophy.


It was not only the victorious team that was rewarded that day apart from the 80,000th customer but also the best sales agent “Umukozi w’Indashyikirwa,” Jean Baptiste Dusengimana.


Sales Agent Jean Bapitiste Dusengimana (L) receives his mountain bike and other branding materials from John Uwizeye(R), the Head of Retail Operations at BBOXX. (Craish Bahizi)

Xavier Kaziyabagabo walked away with a brand new flat screen television, a radio, a tourch and “BBOXX” branded items whereas the best sales agent received a mountain bike, a “BBOXX” water bottle and many other branded items as well.

In his speech shortly after receiving the items, BBOXX’s 80,000th client expressed his delight and excitement for having won and thanked the management and staff of BBOXX for the thought putting a smile on his face even after bringing clean energy closer to him.

“I want to thank God and BBOXX for making me a proud owner of a television and I am thankful for this,” he said. “When I decided to join BBOXX, I didn’t know that on top of getting electricity, I would also be able to own a television set to keep me updated with what is happening around the country and in the world,” he said in an interview with The New Times.

The celebrations were extended to one of the best relaxation spots in Kicukiro (Plus 250) where the staff of BBOXX together with the winner were treated to a mouthwatering dinner to celebrate the milestone the company has so far achieved.

It was at the dinner that BBOXX Managing Director Justus Mucyo noted that among the core values of BBOXX Rwanda is client satisfaction and this is part of that. He noted that the major issue now is no longer the mentality as it used to be but affordability of energy access. 

He stated that as part of the government’s policy of having a fully electrified country by 2024, BBOXX is a major contributor to this. “The government wants to have a fully electrified country by 2024 and since 48% will be off grid, BBOXX is a major contributor to this effort,” he said.

Justus Mucyo called upon Rwandans to join the ever growing community of BBOXX customers because their products and services are affordable and environmental friendly. Not only that, he said that there are many newest innovations on their way from BBOXX for their customers.


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