Oshen King Faisal Hospital introduces mobile app to scale up medical services

According to the hospital officials, the app is a handy tool for patients who would wish to check whether the medicine prescribed to them is correct.
Andrea Malet explains how the mobile application works. Courtesy.

Patients will now be able to access doctors from Oshen King Faisal Hospital for medical advice, appointment requests while at their homes or offices thanks to a new mobile application that is set to be unveiled next week.

The application, known as AmakuruDoctor, will facilitate patients to virtually interact with doctors at time of the day and night.

Developed by Sphera Global Healthcare, a Spanish digital tech company, the application is now available and can be downloaded through Google Play.

A user observing how the application works-courtesy

With AmakuruDoctor app, patients can access video consultation, symptom checker, talk to doctor 24h/7, get written medical advice as well as seek for a second medical opinion before they can physically go for diagnosis at the hospital.

“The hospital wants to be closer to patients so they can receive our services any time and wherever they are. We can give them proper medical advice so they don’t go to ask such advice to their friends or go to the internet for it,” said Andrea Malet, the Corporate Social Responsibility Manager of Oshen Healthcare/ King Faisal Hospital.

Malet added that using the application will reduce unnecessary travels to the hospital, improve prevention and ease the doctors’ ability to follow up on patient recovery.

The hospital officials say that the app is a handy tool for patients who would wish to check whether the medicine prescribed to them is correct.

So far, the application is only open to BK General Insurance employees and their families with plans to expand it to cater for other institutions. 

“From next week, any BK General Insurance employee and their families can meet the doctor through the app 24/7. We will continue to open it up to more companies in the future so more people can use it,” Malet revealed.

“We have trained the staff and the doctors at the hospital on how it works so they can use it in case patients want to reach out to them through the application,” she added.