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Education ministry to investigate mandatory pregnancy tests for schoolgirls

The Ministry of Education has described the practice by schools requesting female students to pregnancy test certificate for admission in school as discriminatory and unjustified

The requests for pregnancy tests for schoolgirls by most private schools have turned into normal practice.


“The practice of mandatory pregnancy tests for girls as a condition to school is discriminatory and unjustified,” the ministry said in a tweet, promising to “carry out inspections to ensure that schools end this practice.”


Several private schools confirmed to The New Times that female students are required to take pregnancy tests at the beginning of every academic term.


Salafina Flavia, who is in charge of Information, Education and Communication at the Ministry,  said in an earlier interview that while premarital sex is strongly discouraged, efforts are being put into ensuring that teen mothers stay in school and continue their education.

“We condemn any action that anyone can take to keep girls who may be pregnant from being in school. Discouraging these girls an opportunity to be in school is basically multiplying the challenges that they are already facing. She is already pregnant, that should not be the reason for her to also be an uneducated young mother,” she said.

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