DRC President calls on Africa to ‘neutralise’ hate propagandists

Africa should make sure that people who peddle hate propaganda are brought to book for the interest of public safety, Félix Tshisekedi, President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has said.

Tshisekedi made the remarks on Monday soon after touring the Kigali Genocide Memorial located at Gisozi, where he paid homage to the over 250,000 victims buried there.

Tshisekedi is among the leaders currently in Kigali for the Africa CEO Forum that started on Monday.

He laid a wreath on the mass graves to honour the victims.

Guided by staff at the memorial, the recently elected Congolese leader learned more about the history of the Genocide including causes, planning, implementation, consequences and the journey towards reconciliation and rebuilding of a nation.

“Genocide is a tragedy and an unacceptable horror. We should all condemn it and commit to no longer accepting that it happens in the world. The effects associate to those horrors have not spared my country which also underwent loss of millions of human lives,” he observed in a message he wrote in a guestbook at the memorial.

“Africa should once and for all reject those practices by rendering harmless every individual or groups of individuals that spread hate propaganda against others,” he remarked.