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Covid-19: Police cautions against house parties

Rwanda National Police (RNP) has cautioned against holding home events and other unnecessary gatherings, which could fuel the spread of Covid-19 infections.

RNP spokesperson, Commissioner of Police John Bosco Kabera said that although the rate of compliance to Covid-19 directives and guidelines remains high, there are some people who engage in prohibited practices.


“Most violators are witnessed and intercepted in weekends. The number is high for those found holding birthday parties or turning their homes into bars.


These unnecessary and risky events bring together many people from different places and one infected person can easily infect everyone there without forgetting how many will be infected when the these people go back to their homes, communities and work places,” Kabera said.


He observed that such inappropriate behaviours and actions can lead the country back into lockdown.

“If you want to hold a birthday party, do it from your home, inviting relatives and friends is prohibited; if you want to drink, do so in authorized places or at your home but inviting friends and relatives at home for such social gathering is not allowed. Home visits are not allowed.”

He reminded motorists that it remains a traffic offence to drive or ride while drunk and worse still to violate the directives.

Kabera observed that there are some people who still shake hands and hug, which are traditional practices that are risky during this period.

The spokesperson advised the public to plan their journeys and day-to-day activities adding that there should be no excuse to violate the curfew.

“In this period when prayer services are permitted in places of worship that fulfilled the requirement, Police appeals to religious leaders that in order to win the fight against this pandemic, their ownership in spreading safety messages of #NtabeAriNjye is paramount,” he said.

He disclosed that RNP is currently developing messages that will be distributed in places of worship for v their followers to further influence positive actions among Rwandans.

To those holding weddings and related parties, he said, an assessment indicated violations especially social distancing, wearing facemasks, shaking hands, hugging and exchanging gifts, among others.

He warned that facilities holding such authorized gatherings will be closed if found violating the safety guidelines.

“For those still in lockdown in Rusizi District and in some cells of Nyamasheke, Nyamagabe, Kicukiro and Nyarugenge districts, we urge them to be patient and comply with directives so that they can soon resume their movements. Disobeying set safety measures will make them stay in isolation longer.”

He further warned of legal actions to all those, who violated the curfew and disregarded the Police instructions to go to allocated centres.

Police published a list of about 570 motorists, who violated the curfew since April and worse still refused to heed the Police orders to park to allocated lots and go to centres where they were directed.

The force urged them to voluntarily come forward or further action would be taken against them.

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